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Published on June 24th, 2013 | by Ghost


5 Ways Riley (The Dog..) Will Impact CoD Ghosts

When CoD Ghosts announced dogs were going to be a part of the game, the excitement online was as abundant as it was vague. How exactly will dogs affect how we play Call of Duty?

I’ve compiled a list of five changes to the CoD experience based purely on the inclusion of man’s furry best friend.

1. Distraction

Having an extra body on your team is going to work well as a tactical aid and the first use that sprung to mind when the concept of canine comrades was revealed.. was that of a lovable decoy.

call of duty

Thanks to the increased agility evident in the trailers, it will be easier to send forth the attack dogs to circumvent the enemy, a manoeuvre that any general will tell you puts you at a massive advantage.

Lacking the thumb action to adequately operate a SMG, probably the next best thing your companion could do in a combat situation is draw attention away from you.

We saw that we can give the order to sound out a bark on command, something which I can see coming in very useless in heavily patrolled areas.

2. Recon

Random fact, did you know that there are breeds of dog with a sense of smell so powerful that not only could they tell you the number of people to walk through an area, they could tell you how long ago, what they were carrying and if any of them were pregnant (honestly!).

While I’m not expecting Infinity Ward to implement sniffer-vision, we can’t deny the use of smaller, faster and more agile reconnaissance piece will make a difference. Presumably the dog will be able to access areas that are too confined for human soldiers to enter and will be able to take advantage of smaller cover areas, or as seen in the E3 trailer, the tall grass which we’re assuming will be plentiful throughout this iteration of the franchise.

Therefore it makes far more sense to send man’s best friend forward to generate intel on the upcoming terrain. The dogs are natural scouts and learning how to take advantage of this is sure to prove useful in the upcoming title.

dog recon

3. Speed

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this in the E3 trailer, I certainly wouldn’t have thought of it without seeing the evidence recorded for us all to examine, but the scene where Riley (the awesomely high-tech Alsatian) races across the room to take down an enemy soldier was shockingly quick.

We all know four legs are better than two but it’s pretty clear that you have a good twenty or twenty five feet where the dog is able to cross before enemies can pull up the scope to aim.


If you see an enemy soldier running for cover to call for backup, previously you’d have to chuck a grenade with almost no time to even consider aiming and run like hell to try and catch him before too much is given away and the heavily artillery come looking to blow you to bits.

With the dogs, this is something that could be neutralised before they can finish uttering “HELP!”.

4. Teamwork

Perhaps an unexpected side effect to including dogs in CoD Ghosts, but where the first three changes to gameplay were mechanical in nature, this focuses on the point that you are no longer a single soldier and the mental adjustment that will bring.

Sure every Call of Duty game so far has placed you in a squad of allies who, I’m sure we’ve all realised, their best use is to be cannon fodder. But the potential is here now to switch quickly from human to canine and this is going to throw up massive changes of strategy even in the most conservative of CoD players.

Even if players have simply increased their basic options from ‘shoot, hurl grenade, call in airstrike’ to include ‘send in Snoopy’, the shift in mind-set will present a fantastic wave of innovation, particularly in the multiplayer. That is, at least, if we get confirmation that dogs will be included in it (I can’t imagine Activision not including this, but you can never be sure).

Regardless, the notion of a controlled team rather than a single soldier is going to result in a significant shift in the way people play Ghosts, and hopefully any of its successors.

5. Humiliation

Come on, I can’t be the only one who thought this the second I heard dogs were coming to CoD:Ghosts.

Death by dogs is going to be the new ‘knife kill’.

It has all the hallmarks of it!

Devastatingly effective attacks when executed correctly, massive potential for failure, the familiar surge of pride as you realise you’re comfortable hiding in a cave out of the combat zone while taking down your enemies with a weapon that may yet prove frustrating to control.

A part of me would love a ‘kill that guy’ button when playing as the dog but after a quick thought, this would essentially ruin the game.

Infinity Ward need to make the K-9 kills difficult enough to keep them from becoming a cheap way to take out pretty much everything. We still don’t know for definite if dogs are coming to multiplayer, but regardless of the other four reasons’ I’ve listed here, Humiliation of my opponents is definitely the one that appeals to me the most at this stage.

Are there any other uses or changes you think the dogs will bring to the game? Let us know!

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