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9 Things We DO NOT Want in CoD Ghosts

Now don’t get me wrong.. I love the Call of Duty games and I can’t wait for CoD Ghosts. They have almost certainly provided the best experiences when it comes to online gaming and without doubt I have played them for longer than any other series of games.

BUT, they have also provided some of the most frustrating moments possible.. it’s quite scary how close I’ve come to throwing my controller at my TV various times. I have to tell myself to calm down, turn the game off and go for a walk outside otherwise something bad would definitely happen.

So I was thinking.. wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a Call of Duty game without all of these excruciatingly annoying features? Maybe Infinity Ward do it on purpose just to see our reactions. Why else do they do it?

Anyway, on to the list..

9 Things we DONT want in CoD Ghosts:

1. Last Stand

This tops the list by a mile. It’s completely pointless. Incredibly annoying. It surely causes the most rage out of anything to ever be put into an online shooter.

Just in case you somehow aren’t familiar with Last Stand.. it is when you are killed, fall to the floor, bring out the pistol and have a very good chance of killing your attacker.

It doesn’t actually sound that bad does it? But if, like me, you’ve played CoD online for a while you’d know how bad it really is. You’d imagine that even if you had Last Stand on it would be a challenge to kill your attacker and on most occasions they would kill you before you had a chance to do anything. However, you’d be wrong. If you were “experienced” with using Last Stand then the attacker generally wouldn’t stand a chance and so you get a free kill.

To make this even worse Treyarch thought it would be a good idea to introduce Second Chance. Exactly the same as Last Stand but the enemy’s team mate can now revive them (if they also have Second Chance equipped) when they are downed. So prepare to say goodbye to your deserved kill.

Let us hope they won’t bring this back in Ghosts.. not even as a death streak.

cod ghosts

2. Commando

Those of us who ever played MW2 will have probably had nightmares about Commando. The perk which gave player’s the superhuman ability to teleport to the enemy and instantly kill them. So yes, if you ran through a corridor with a pump shotgun, go round a corner, see a enemy.. and shoot while he “panic” knives – he will win. You won’t stand a chance. I realise Call of Duty isn’t exactly supposed to be realistic but that is going too far.

Oh and then there’s tactical knife, which makes it just that little bit worse. People running around with knife as there primary weapon and yet they would top the leaderboards with a very respectable score.

I don’t think I need to say any more about that. It’s simple, get rid of Commando and Tactical Knife. Make knifing someone an achievement again.

ghosts tactical knife commando

3. Tactical Nuke

So what’s actually the point of tactical nukes? For those of you don’t know about them, they were in MW2. When you got a 25 killstreak you would use tactical nuke – it would kill everyone then automatically end the game and you would win. Seems cool I guess.

tactical nuke ghosts

The thing is, if you’re doing well you generally want the game to carry on so you can keep racking up more kills. So why would you actually use it, when instead you could get some AC130s, chopper gunners and so on?

I guess it was a bit of an achievement the first time but after that? I don’t have a clue.

How about, who actually used it then? I do have an answer for that. Apart from a very small minority, everyone who used them was boosters. Can you think of anything more annoying than seeing some guy (who of course you haven’t actually seen all game) on the scoreboard going up 1 kill at a time. Soon enough, they get to 25 kills.. tactical nuke. Game over. Done. Then they repeat that over and over again for each and every game, ruining it for everyone.

Don’t bring back tactical nukes, there isn’t any point of them at all. Oh and feel free to get rid of the boosters while you’re at it.

4. Overpowered Grenade Launchers

First of all, I am not saying to get rid of grenade launchers or RPGs. While some people might want that.. it isn’t something I agree with. What does bug me though is when grenade launcher is a player’s main weapon of choice. We’ve all seen it, someone running around the whole map with just a grenade launcher (even close combat maps). Nothing annoys me more than when I run around a corner, the enemy panics and manages to kill me from 2 feet away.

Grenade launchers certainly have their place (mainly to combat window campers for me) but definitely not as a primary weapon. So the solution?

In my perfect world I would give grenade launchers enhanced damage when fired into enclosed areas (such as through a window into a room) and make them much weaker in open areas. Makes sense doesn’t it?

And RPGs? I actually think they are fine exactly how they are. They can be devastating if you get it right, otherwise they don’t really do anything. I’m not a fan of explosive damage everywhere you look, so that’s perfect for me.

5. Martyrdom

Oh my Martyrdom. Here we go.

Now who on earth thought it would ever be a good idea to automatically drop a grenade every time you die?


Thankfully, Infinity Ward and Treyarch seem to have realised what a stupid idea it was and have removed it as a perk. However, it did still exist as a deathstreak on MW3. Why? No idea.

Please just get rid of it. Never bring it back ever again. There is no point of it. Why should an attacker have to turn and run away every time they kill someone? It makes no sense at all. All it does is aggravate and frustrate people who like to move around the map. Do we really want a game where we all stand a mile apart shooting each other?

6. Tactical Insertions

Is there anyone out there who actually likes tactical insertions?

Oh wait.. apart from boosters and maybe spawn campers?

Neither of which we want to see in Ghosts. Sure, tactical insertions could be used ‘tactically’, for example defending flags or bomb sites, but how often do we really see that? Without any doubt, the main users of tactical insertions are boosters. You know the kind? Two guys, one uses tactical insertion to keep spawning while his buddy kills him over and over again. Gets to 25 kills, uses a tactical nuke. Game over. Fun!

I suppose Infinity Ward could try balancing these somehow but is there really any point? Would any of us actually miss them? I know I wouldn’t.


7. Bouncing Betty / Claymore

Now I understand some peoples’ style of play kinda revolves around bouncing betty. You know the kind I’m on about, don’t you?bouncing betty ghosts

Yes, campers.

Okay, I understand campers have there place in Call of Duty, just like every other online shooter. Although, when campers can lay down bouncing bettys in stupidly annoying places it just gets silly.

Anyone who wants to run around rushing through buildings either has to be prepared to die over and over again or use a perk that counters bettys like Flak Jacket / Blast Shield or Sitrep / Engineer. I personally don’t think this is right.

We want versatility for sure, but when you are forced to use specific perks to be able to run around the map it is quite obvious that the design of the game isn’t quite right.

So yeah, to sum that up – please get rid of bouncing bettys. Or give them a decent timer so if you trigger one you have a decent chance of avoiding it. We can’t go on constantly relying on perks.

8. Deathstreaks

Deathstreaks.. really what’s the point. To give the worse players a chance by giving them a massive advantage when they keep dying? Is that really a good idea? Surely then they just end up relying on deathstreaks to get a kill so they continue to just run mindlessly into the battle getting killed over and over again.

Do I care about the worse players dying over and over again? No, not at all. That’s the only reason they’ll ever get better. But deathstreaks – that’ll never help them improve. You don’t go to a sporting event and see the losing team suddenly get given a massive handicap, do you? No because it would annoy everyone just as it does in Call of Duty.

The amount of times I had a good streak going, I’d be 1 kill off getting a AC130. See some guy standing in a corner. Easy target, right? Start shooting him. Oh shit.. Juggernaught icon pops up. You see him slowly turn, shoot you once. You’re dead.

Anything that penalises good players and handicaps bad players is a show stopper for me. There’s no reason for it. Some people may say “it helps balance the game”. If that’s the case why don’t we all have it so you’re health halves every time you get a kill. Then at the end of the game we can all have equal scores. Sounds great, yeah?

9. Dual Guns

This one I wasn’t so sure about. At first I was going to say just dual shotguns, solely because of all of the bad experiences I had on MW2 with dual Model 1887s. If you played MW2 I’m sure you know exactly what I’m on about. The time when they were, without doubt, the most overpowered weapon in the game so in every online game you would see 80% of the enemy team using them. Then I thought about it some more and I remember the exact same thing happening with dual pistols and dual SMGs in both MW2 and MW3.dualguns

It was the same every time. You’d run round a corner with your SMG – you think ‘Hey.. I’ve got a SMG, perfectly equipped for close range combat – they won’t stand a chance’, but then you see in front of you dual weapons.

Instantly curse to yourself, attempt to get a few bullets off, but no.

Never stood a chance. Watch the killcam, to no surprise you see that they started shooting after you. Only thing to solve this issue. If you can’t beat them.. join them. Then we’re part of the problem.

Don’t get me wrong, I like dual weapons. I think they can be great fun to use but when the whole lobby is using them something is terribly wrong. It just seems to me that Infinity Ward find it impossible to get the balance of making them useful but not insanely good. If they could manage this then fine, I welcome them in Ghosts. However, if past experience is anything to go by, please just don’t.. I never want to see them again. I can’t deal with it.

Rant over.

Glad I got that out of my system.

Do you agree / disagree with any of my points? Think anything else should be added on? Let us know and comment!

Oh and remember – E3 Starts early for Call of Duty Ghosts. Pop over to Call of Duty on Sunday 9th June for a 30 minutes broadcast including gameplay!

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16 Responses to 9 Things We DO NOT Want in CoD Ghosts

  1. patrick says:

    all the pop ups from kills. i hate having a screen full of stuff that pops up. Hit makers from killstreaks are also really annoying it throw you off in gun fights.

  2. Nathan says:

    Kill cam need to go on free for all

  3. kenneth says:

    that’s just stupid

  4. John Widner says:

    Quit crying like a bitch…seriously? You can’t avoid a Betty? Then quit playing.

  5. sheep says:

    you are 100% right totally agree.

  6. John Bossert says:

    Jesus. Way to show the real problem with CoD. “You should play how I play or you’re (insert sad label here)”.

    The funny part is about half of this stuff isn’t from Black Ops 2 or even MW3 for that matter, so why bitch about it? What’s better is if you’re actually prepared all of the above can be avoided or countered.

  7. Eon89 says:

    1. Last Stand – Someone can’t headshot well.

    2. I can’t stand someone running and not camping in a corner.

    3. The nuke was only annoying because people would farm it with friends ruining the game.

    4. I suck at grenade launchers and others don’t.

    5. If I kill someone I might have to move, ruining my camping cover.

    6. They might boost a nuke which I already said should be removed so this is irrelevant.

    7. Thinking is hard I don’t want to have to think of how I move in case of traps.

    8. Someone who I spawned killed 8 times now has a slight advantage. Stop that I need over 9000 spawn kills from my camping spot.

    9. Two guns! That is so unfair that someone might use both hands and have extremely reduced accuracy. I might actually have to think before I run up to them.

  8. Jeremy says:

    What else is annoying: Lack of work in the campaign mode to satisfy people who buy the game just for multiplayer, like the little 9 year olds

  9. Eric says:

    I only agree with 8 and maybe one. ll of these are pretty good. Last stand for people who are not very good and if you don’t want to get killed when they are done keep shooting. The nuke should require more points to get it. Grenade launchers is a campers nightmare, who doesn’t want to stop a camper? Why would you wait when u kill a enemy? Tactical insertions are barely used but I only use them when I snipe. I will put them in a deserted area and come behind the enemy. Claymore and Bettys are amazing. I place one down in a common walkway and continue to fight, get engineer if u don’t want to step on them. If you keep getting kills from dual guns maybe its good so get it. This is your opionion so I understand you don’t like these but u should change the title from we to I

  10. Riddymon says:

    1) My problem with last stand is that the person can aim down site in last stand. That never made sense to me..make it so that you can only hipfire and i’ll give it a pass. Get rid of dead man’s hand though

    2) Commando technically doesn’t exist in MW3 but the infamous lunge still exists. Must be a bug in the code and I agree should be removed. knifing overall sucks in mw3 and has nowadays kinda become hit and miss

    3) Never had a problem with the nuke or moab in mw3

    4) These will forever be annoying..reduce the effective blast radius and it’ll be good.

    5) Didn’t mind martydom…as long as they make the guys a little faster or at least reduce the blast radius of the grenade it might be better.

    6) Once again..never had issues with tacs. You can be taken by surprise if you don’t know someone uses one. i.e. you kill them…run foward turn the corner and die as they tac spawn and wait to kill you. Most times i either destroy or get to easy kills as the person who uses it camps right beside it

    7) Two words: Stalker Pro..never had an issue with them in MW3

    8) Deathstreaks don’t bother me as it’s normally the crappy players that actually require them. The only one that i hated was dead man’s hand

    9) Would be happy when they disappear. Very annoying

  11. marauellas says:

    fuck that I love the nuke only reason I play for those fags I end the game instead of people hiding with snipers you don’t like it don’t buy it and I love dual glocks and clay mores

    • Marquellas says:

      I be raping people online so bad in call of duty , halo 4 , battlefield 3 that the police charged me with aggravated assault and second degree murder then to top it off with sexual assault cause I tea bag them when I kill them and tell them pull your pants up I’m done raping you but I never had that problem I get nukes I love them and raping kids Xbox baby my gt iNf3cT3dDR3amZ we run shop so quit bitching better play 007 you must can’t get nukes or suck

  12. Bob says:

    ITT: author is a whiny bitch who can’t adapt or overcome.

  13. Terry3330 says:

    commando and tactical nuke I agree with. the rest ur just a loser who cant win with this stuff in the game. On the other hand I can so I think ur list is unreliable sir

  14. Chie says:

    I want to see boosting gone all together. I hate boosting. Earn your shit the legit way or don’t play at all.

  15. Mainguy1 says:

    First of all I’m so tired of the word camping…it’s basically a way for people to say” run out in the middle with no cover and let me shoot you” the only people I ever hear say the word camping is victims lmaooo…I mean for real what do u want every one to do ??meet in the middle and have a shoot out??thats ridiculous lol..u talk about wanting the game to be realistic but do u see anybody in the real life military running around shooting without cover or do they take their time to strategize??and tactical insertions??they are there to stop people from the same ol get killed spawn trapped get killed get put on the other side of where the action is ..yay lets get killed only to run towards the action for 5 mins an get killed the moment u get near the action dumbass..if u watched how I used the tac, u would marvel at that device ..honestly it’s the best piece of equipment that game has ever seen!!!so I would like to say thanks to idiots like you goin out your way to cry and tell cod to take stuff and many other victims have successfully ruined a good game ..if anybody can see this ..please put the tactical insertion back in ..boosters are no issue because when they have to play a real game, they are easy prey to people like me lmaoo ..I use the tactical insertion to be “tactical” and have defeated many of the top players in the world with it!!!stop crying and get ur skills up cuz all u do is ruining games and if anybody wants to see send that request on Xbox one my tag is mainguy1

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