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Published on December 30th, 2013 | by dee


Beginners Tips for Ghosts Noobs – Call of Duty

Around this time, the Call of Duty servers begin to see an influx of beginners and noobs who received the game over the holiday break. Most of the veterans will be fairly kind to you, but you can expect to be used as target practice and easy kills for the first week or two of getting used to the game. Here are some beginner tips to help you get caught up quicker so that you can avoid most of the common mistakes that noobs typically make.

Choose Your Best Gun Setup

Start out with an assault rifle. SMGs, snipers and other guns can be fun if you know the maps well, but assault rifles will give you the best bang for your buck, so to speak. We’ve put together a list of the best assault rifle class setups for you to try out that should improve your game. Most of the rifles have their pros and cons, the Honey Badger is a great gun as well as the SC2010, try to avoid the MSBS though because it was nuked recently in a weapon balancing update.

Your class and weapon loadout will be dependent on various aspects of your game-play, as well as the map and your objective. Larger maps will require long-range assault rifles and snipers, closer range maps will do well with most assault rifles and SMGs. Silencers are a great way to stay silent and off the enemies radar, which is necessary for higher killstreaks.

We recommend that you try out several guns and look for one that connects best with you. If you find yourself doing exceptionally well with the Honey Badger and have tried out various other weapons, then stick to that one for a while and get good with it. You can join a private match where all of the guns are unlocked and play around with various guns against bots.

Get used to the overall feel of the gun: its recoil, various attachments, how it handles different ranges and so on. This will also help you to avoid going into live matches and ruining your kill to death ratio before you get used to the game. A high kill to death ratio will help you get into a clan and joining a team later on in the game, which is also important for unlocking other things in the game that you can’t do solo.

Most of the maps give a great advantage to the assault rifles. Maps in Ghosts are fairly large and give a big disadvantage to those who have shotguns or close-range SMGs.

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