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Best AK-12 Class Setup for Call of Duty Ghosts

The biggest objective in this assault rifle AK-12 class setup for Ghosts is to stay alive as long as possible while getting lots of quick kills to make your way to the top of the leaderboard.


The silencer is used on the AK-12 to help you survive longer and stay more stealthy during smaller battles. It will keep you off the radar and quietly moving from location to location without being ambushed or overrun by multiple enemies.

The foregrip is also used to help control the recoil. The recoil of the AK-12 isn’t horrible, but using foregrip will definitely help bring this assault rifle to the next level in competing with other more accurate assault rifles. Definitely give the foregrip a shot, you may end up switching to extended mags, but with the larger maps it’s not very necessary because you won’t find yourself fighting a large group of enemies all at once.


Stalker is used for various reasons. It’s one of the best perks to add onto assault rifles that helps you strafe enemies and walk around corners much quicker. We recommend that you at the very least give it a few days of a test trial to see how much you like it, it should improve your game significantly.

Scavenger helps you get more ammo. If you run out of ammo, you also run out of your killstreaks. You can only survive as long as you have ammo, so if you plan on living longer without dying, then scavenger is a must!

Amplify is also important because being able to clearly hear the enemies footsteps is a large part of what separates the pros from the noobs. If you can hear somebody before you see then, your chances of taking the kill increases greatly.

Focus will help you win those 1 on 1 gun fights. The player with focus enabled will typically win those fights.

Hardline is another great perk that helps you run up those killstreaks.

Specialist Strike Package

This is an awesome strike package because it helps you get those KEM Strikes through high kill streaks.

Dead Eye, Off-the-Grid, Quick Draw

Bonus Perks: Ready up, Slight of Hand, ICU, Blast Shield, Takedown

This is a good class setup for the AK-12 assault rifle to get you started. Remember, what sets your apart from other gamers is customizing your setup to make you feel the most comfortable. Use this just as a base to get you started and work on setting up to what gives you the best ingame feel.

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