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Published on September 13th, 2013 | by Ghost


Call of Duty Ghosts – Customise Your Soldier

Infinity Ward seem intent on creating the best possible multiplayer experience for CoD Ghosts, with updates to the matchmaking system, the recently announced dedicated servers and we now know that they are bringing a new Create-A-Soldier mode to the game.

This will allow players to finally design how they will appear in multiplayer games.

In previous iterations of Call of Duty online multiplayer, the look of your character was simply randomized but with this new addition, how you appear to other gamers can finally be decided by you.

20,000 possible combinations

With over 20,000 possible combinations of the various customizations, ranging from armor, physical attributes and some of the more notable inclusions are the options to choose what race and gender you would like your soldier to be.

That’s right, femme fatales are now on the cards for the first time in the Call of Duty franchise.

Mark Ruben spoke about how the inclusion of female character models involved more work than you may have realised.

All of the character animations had to be re-done using motion capture as the male animations are unsuitable for the female character models which are rigged differently to the male models. This is something that Ruben has claimed has been requested countless times and Infinity Ward has decided they need to address.

“It was something we pushed for and the main reason is that our audience is so broad,” he said.

“It’s so vast. It made so much sense to try and include everybody as much as possible. We talked to a lot of girl gamer fans, and the community is growing and growing and growing. This is not a ‘guy’ thing anymore.” – Ruben

No word yet on any DLC additions to the stock set of customizations but this is classic area for micro transactions, and its hard to imagine that it will be ignored.

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