Call of Duty Ghosts Mobile App

How To Use Call of Duty Ghosts Mobile App

The Call of Duty App brings you a new way to experience Call of Duty Ghosts.

In this article we’re going to cover and teach you the basics of everything you need to know about how successfully use the Call of Duty Ghosts App for your mobile phone or tablet.

how to use cod ghosts mobile tablet

This app was designed to be able to work perfectly with Call of Duty Ghosts and will add an entirely new experience with being able to stay connected to your multiplayer match off the screen during live game play.

There are 4 Main Features to the Call of Duty App

1. COD Companion Features

call of duty app companion features

Call of Duty companion features for Ghosts gives you the ability to check your stats on your mobile device.

You will be able to track your kill / death ratio, your games won ratio as well as your total time played and current kill streak.

call of duty app stats ghosts

There’s also a brand-new mobile version feature that allows you to create your own soldier and then instantly direct that new character into the game.

cod ghosts how to create a soldier

2. An Integrated COD Clan Experience

The Clan function of Call of Duty Ghosts is a huge part of what makes the App a great supplement to the actual game.

If you’re looking for a clan for example, you can join one here and see recommendations for the best Clans to join.

cod app clan apply

You can even manage players that are in the same clan from various other platforms.

Creating a Clan and customizing it is a perfect use for the mobile App. It will sync perfectly with the game.

call of duty app create a clan

Here’s where you would manage your Clan within the App.

manage clans cod app

3. Second Screen Functionality

cod app how to use second screen

This is also a new feature for 2013 which allows you to simultaneously sync your mobile gaming experience with your on-screen live game play in real time.

Second screen features make for a great way to bring your gaming to a new level without compromising the focus on your game.

It can be argued that having a second screen that controls many of your live actions will help you better focus on what’s going on during the game, instead of having to jump back and fourth through options and menus during a live match.

As you can see below, you are able to make those last minute changes to your squad right before the start of a new round.

cod app squad changes

You can also check post-match info about players that you just played with in the game to view their stats or even add them to your clan.

ghost app check post match

4. Call of Duty Clan Wars

call of duty clans how to use

Clan Wars is something that is launching for the first time this year allowing players to play as a Clan against other Clans in-order to unlock XP multipliers in the game and exclusive items for your soldiers.

Call of duty clan wars app

If you’re not already using the Call of Duty free App, then it’s time you get in on the action and find out how it can take your gaming experience to a whole other level.

Download your free Call of Duty App at:

5 Responses to How To Use Call of Duty Ghosts Mobile App

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  2. IconicJam0 says:

    I just downloaded the new Ghost App for Call of Duty. I linked it to my sons XBox 360 that I also have an Gold Membership on. Since it is his XBox, it brings up his gamer tag. How do I switch to my gamer tag?

  3. Molly says:

    @IconicJam0 I think you need to login to the App with your Account Username and Password if that’s what you mean. 🙂

  4. Gareth says:

    My C.O.D app is saying No Multiplayer Data Found.

    I have been playing online multiplayer for a while (Level 41) so should have some data, unless it only works for clan wars (I haven’t played any yet as I want to customise through the app).

    Can you help?

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