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Published on December 18th, 2013 | by dee


Call of Duty Clan Wars in Caracas Unlockable Content Achievements

Earlier today we announced the start of the third Clan War on Call of Duty Ghosts. Well now we have some additional information about various achievements and unlockable content for the participants.

First of all, the dates in which this Clan War will take place is from Wednesday, December 18th at 12PM PST through Monday, December 23rd at 12PM PST.

There are 2 new pieces of content that that the top performing clans can look forward to unlocking in this weeks war, and we’ll give you the details on them below.

Folklore Nomore

cool folklore nomore unlock

The Folklore Nomore can be unlocked using the Rainswept Achievement by finishing in one of the top 3 positions in the Caracas Clan War.

If you were in a Clan that finished 1st place in the Gold Division or higher in the last 2 Clan Wars, then this War will allow you the chance to unlock another piece of the Body Count armor.

Body Count Reaper

body count reaper unstoppable

The Body Count Reaper can be unlocked using the Unstoppable Achievement by winning 3 Clan Wars in the Gold Division or higher.

These are the main two unlockable content pieces that gamers will be fighting over in this weeks Clan Wars. If you miss out on these, there are still many more available Achievements that can be taken advantage of.

How to win this weeks Clan Wars?

If you’re unfamiliar with how clan wars works, make sure you check out our earlier article explaining it:

It’s fairly simple actually. You and your Clan / team needs to work together to take-over as many Capture Points (CP) as you can throughout the period of the Clan War. To capture one of these points, you need to control any of the 10 nodes that are available on the main map. Once you take a Capture Point, it’s virtually yours for the remainder of the War. Your leagues position is decided on how many nodes your team owns on the map in comparison to the rest of the Clans.

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