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Published on January 15th, 2014 | by dee


Call of Duty Clan Wars in Rio de Janeiro Goes Live

The upcoming Clan Wars for Call of Duty Ghosts goes live in Rio de Janeiro starting today: Wednesday, January 15th at 12PM PST and will run through Monday, January 20th at 12PM PST.

This edition of Clan Wars is the fifth ever and will feature various patches and unlocks that top placing clans can look forward to taking home.

The first unlock is the Welcome to the Jungle patch that can be unlocked using the Jungle Fever Achievement by finishing in the top 3 of your division.

clan wars jungle fever achievement

The other unlock is the Undead Rising patch which will be unlocked using the Unwavering Achievement by holding a node for 3 days straight. No only will you get the patch, but your Clan will also receive tons of rewards for the Multiplayer XP earned by holding a node for an extended period of time, which ill result in leveling up much quicker.

clan wars unwavering achievement

There’s also a new feature being presented with this Clan Wars called the roster lock. The roster lock will essentially help maintain a balanced playing field by locking the roster the day prior to the start of the Clan War. The changes you make after the roster is locked will not work for that Clan War, however new members will be allowed to participate in the following Clan War.

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  1. Jason Young says:

    yeah, so My Clan of Four, but really only three members just got second place in the platinum division and we should have had some achievements unlocked (xGSN) GoonSquad Nation. wondering how long it will take to actually get these achievements thanks. also for anyone looking for a clan, send and invite we placed 2nd with three man crew so I’d be happy to add to the crew, we are mostly HC but looking for Core or HC thanks. Commander. xWCGSxSWINEx

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