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Call of Duty Elite Poker Set – Not Your Ordinary Poker Set

If there are two things that bind guys the most, they will be shooter games and poker. The former, like Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts, is a time-tested deal. Ever since the surge of gamers during the release of Modern Warfare, players from all around the world celebrate friendship—and of course, occasional bitterness—by mashing the shoulder buttons and cussing their hearts out. Meanwhile, poker has been around for ages, long before Magnavox Odyssey even became the first home entertainment system. While they hook up bros every now and then, they really have nothing in common—or do they?

Boys and girls, prepare to meet your maker.

Introducing the Call of Duty: Elite Poker Set, a limited edition poker set only given to the finest and best players Elite players. To show appreciation to the millions of fans who enlisted themselves at Call of Duty: Elite, game publisher Activision released rare poker sets inspired by the Call of Duty franchise. Only 250 sets produced, the famous gaming company gave them away to 250 players who can complete the Lone Wolf challenge.

To those who are still learning the ropes of Call of Duty: Elite, here are a few points:

  • Call of Duty: Elite is the dedicated online service hosted by Activision especially made for Call of Duty players. Using the Elite platform, players can save their stats from multiple Call of Duty games, parade them around like a badge of honor, and share with friends using Facebook or Twitter. Aside from statistics, players can also get the achievements exclusive only to Elite players and download several add-ons such as new maps, missions, weapons, skins, and many more.
  • Meanwhile, the Lone Wolf operations are missions given to single player where he must complete different objectives without the help of other players. From wave missions to zombie hordes even up against other gamers, the player must survive the challenge for 3 hours in order to achieve the Lone Wolf achievement and prizes.

cod poker setIt may be strange for Activision to thank Elite players by giving them a rare poker set, but the company is no stranger to poker. Aside from releasing video poker apps on iOS and Android, they also have a full line of games under the World Series of Poker brand. The prestigious tournament, sponsored by, is one of the biggest and grandest events in the global poker scene. With millions of dollars up for grabs—not to mention the coveted WSOP Bracelet—it is no surprise that Activision is no stranger to cashing in this big title.

While the Call of Duty: Elite Poker Set promo is now over, you can still have the chance get yours for only $250, and the sets sold online belong to the 250 pieces given by Activision to the Lone Wolf survivors. Now get on the action and grab some cards—or controller.

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