Call of Duty Ghosts Beta

There is NO Call of Duty Ghosts Beta.

I repeat – NO beta.

There are dozens of websites out there promising that there is a beta and supposedly telling you how to get into it. These are SCAMS!

They work by telling you to either:

  • Complete a survey.
  • Share to all your friends via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Enter your Xbox Live details (you know never to give any website your password, right?).
  • Enter your credit card details (seriously..).

They will promise you that if you do any of these, they will then send you a download link or a access code that allows you to start playing the Call of Duty Ghosts beta straight away. They will give you nothing of the sort.. the only thing they might give you to download is a virus.

We want to play Call of Duty Ghosts as much as you do – but trust me, it is all a scam. If Infinity Ward to decide to release some kind of beta or demo for Ghosts – then WE will let you know (and no.. we won’t ask you to complete any pesky surveys).

Remember guys, there are a lot of bad websites out there and a hell of a lot of people who want to make money by causing harm to others. Don’t let them!

Please – Tell your friends about this.. we don’t want anyone getting scammed.

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