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Published on January 17th, 2014 | by dee


Call of Duty Ghosts Funny Trolling Videos on YouTube

I’m sure by now you’re all aware of the Call of Duty Ghosts video that went viral recently on YouTube. Well we’re going to give you a collection of many different funny trolling videos from YouTube of bored gamers trolling other unsuspecting noobs.

Xbox One Sign Out Trolling

In the first video the Xbox One gamer sets his gamer tag as “Xbox Sign Out.” If you don’t own an Xbox One or haven’t really had a chance to fool around with the voice commands, then we’ll give you a quick refresher. Saying the words “Xbox sign out” into your microphone causes a sign-out menu to pop-out interrupting your game and possible leading you into a frenzy with your controller that causes you to sign yourself out of the game completely.

Follow along below and check out this creative way of trolling as YouTube user “videogames” angers his teammates into saying his gamer tag out loud.

Jigglypuff Singing and Trolling

This one really brings the laughs if you’re familiar with the Pokemon series and the Jigglypuff character. The gamer by the name of ItsSwiftNade attaches a funny voice changer that makes him sound like Jigglypuff and goes around games signing people to sleep. Check it out below:

 Slow Motion Man Trolling COD Ghosts with Gamertag

This one gets some good reactions from other gamers when a gamer by the name of “Slow Motion Man” goes through the map in, you guessed it, slow motion!

“He Played 53 games and he’s only on level 2.”

Call of Duty Ghosts Epic Movie Voice Commentator Trolling

This one is pretty good too. It includes a gamer goes through games using the well-known movie style voice and commentating on the matches he’s in.

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