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Published on December 18th, 2013 | by dee


Call of Duty Ghosts is Raptr 2nd Most Played Game

With the Raptr 19 million member gaming community, it’s fair to say that they can be a good judge in game popularity. Well they recently held an online gaming awards that was judged by the most played games of 2013, because selling a game and having the owner playing that game for a long time are two very different things.

Down below you can see that Grand Theft Auto 5 is leading the pack by an almost absurd amount of time spent playing the game. COD Ghosts trails behind with Battlefield 4 in a close 3rd.

call of duty ghosts vs gta 5

I think the reason for this is that GTA 5 is simply a much more interactive game. It keeps your interests much longer because you have to go around completing various missions and tasks in a giant realistic world. COD Ghosts and BF 4 however are simply shooter games that replay the same type of game-play over and over.

Do you find these results surprising? Let us know in the comments below!

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