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Call of Duty Ghosts Killstreaks

Killstreaks have always had the ability to suddenly turn a game around or even completely settle it for the leading team, and of course killstreaks will carry on to make a huge impact in Call of Duty Ghosts.

Whether you’re concentrating on helping your team mates and want to provide surveillance or defend strategic areas, or you simply want to rack up some kills and obliterate the enemy – CoD Ghosts Killstreaks will be essential for any player.

Call of Duty Ghosts will provide your team with killstreaks to turn any game around and give your team that edge. All you need to do is get them!

Call of Duty Ghosts Killstreaks

Updating! The list here is not final – only what we know so far.

Assault Killstreaks

Kills Required Killstreak
3 SAT Com
Sat Com is similar to the UAV but it is placed on the ground making it much more vulnerable. Sat Coms can be stacked. The more you and your team have, the better they work.
The IMS (Intelligent Munitions System) shoots down grenades and other air based munitions in it’s close vicinity.
5 Guard Dog
The Guard Dog will spawn and follow you around the map. It can attack enemies but is mainly used to growl and bark, alerting you when enemies are near.
6 Sentry Gun
Spawns a sentry gun that will automatically fire at enemies in it’s line of sight.
6 Battle Hind
Call in a Battle Hind (Attack Helicopter) that will fly around the map firing at enemies.
7 Vulture
Deploys an air based drone that will engage enemies.
8 Gryphon
Deploys a player controllable drone. Fires explosive rounds at enemies and is able to see enemies through walls.
9 Juggernaught Maniac
Drops a care package containing a Juggernaught suit and a knife. This gives the player extremely strong armor and doesn’t slow down player movement.
10 Juggernaught
Same as Juggernaught Maniac but comes with a minigun instead.
12 Helo Pilot
Player controllable attack helicopter.

Support Killstreaks

With Support Killstreaks your kills/points are not reset back to 0 when you die, so you can concentrate on helping the team instead of just your Kill/Death ratio.

Points Required Support Killstreak
4 SAT Com
Sat Com is similar to the UAV but it is placed on the ground making it much more vulnerable. Sat Coms can be stacked. The more you and your team have, the better they work.
6 Ballistic Vests
Deploy ballistic vests which can be used by teammates to increase their armor.
8 Box of Guns
Gun / Ammo drop that can be used by teammates (not confirmed).
9 Night Owl
An air-based drone that will follow you and detects nearby enemies. Also works like an IMS to deflect missiles.
10 MAAWS Launcher
Rocket launcher that when fired splits in two. Can be guided with the launchers laser.
12 Ground Jammer
Disables enemy sat-coms and any other ground-based killstreaks.
12 Air Superiority
Calls in a fighter jet that engages and destroys any enemy air-based killstreaks.
13 Heli Sniper
Call in helicopter support but with a sniper on board. The sniper is player controllable but can be killed by enemy fire which will end the killstreak.
14 Juggernaught Recon
Drops in Juggernaught armor via a care package. Also has a personal radar.

Specialist Killstreaks

Kills Required Bonus
2 Unlocks first choice
4 Unlocks second choice
6 Unlocks third choice
8 Unlocks Specialist Bonus

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