Call Of Duty Ghosts Maps

Call of Duty Ghosts maps will release with a variation of maps from around the world, each with their own style of play. CoD MW3 was released with 16 different maps so we can probably expect a similar amount in Call of Duty Ghosts.

As with every other Call of Duty game, Call of Duty Ghosts maps vary from maps with close-combat (generally based in and around a building with multiple narrow corridors and small rooms) to larger open maps that are usually found outside, with buildings used only as cover. Also, for the first time in the history of Call of Duty, we have the introduction of Dynamic Maps which we expect will completely change how players are required to play.

If you want to perform highly at all times then you will need to adjust your style of play for each map. This involves what weapons you select, the perks you use and even which killstreaks (eg. air strikes are going to work extremely well in outside maps however you will struggle to get any kills if everyone is inside a building) you begin the game with.

For each map, we will recommend which weapons, perks and killstreaks to equip and identify any tactical aspects that you can use to ensure you win every game!

Call of Duty Ghosts Maps:


Chasm is a featured map in Call of Duty Ghosts that allows players to experience the ultimate urban terrain battleground. Its location is set in the no-longer-beautiful Los Angeles, California in the great ole’ US of A.

The designers and developers of this exclusive Ghosts map through in the exciting twists and turns to give the map a more dynamic feel.

chasm ghosts map


Flooded map on Call of Duty Ghosts occurs at a location where a dam has erupted and water has flooded the town. The location of the map is located in Caracus, Venezuela and you can find this map in the Legends Never Die campaign.

An interesting aspect to keep in mind is that you can actually drown and die while in prone position in the streets.

flooded map ghosts

Free Fall

Free Fall is a close quarters map set in a skyscraper currently under fire. Throughout the game the skyscraper continues to take damage while gradually collapsing. As the building crumbles, corridors and rooms will become blocked while new passages will open up.

Due to the map’s dynamic nature, players who are constantly aware of their surroundings will prosper. Consider using close-combat quick firing weapons to ensure you’re not caught off guard.

Free Fall Map


Freight is a Call of Duty Ghosts map that is located at a factory transport depot, which is essentially a storage installation for military equipment and supplies. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about Freight, but there are some interesting features and dynamics that you can discover which we’ll talk about below.

Freight offers some great dynamics that you will discover from playing the map in multiplayer mode.

freight multiplayer map


Octane is a small and extremely intense map based around a central gas station (hence the name, Octane). Whilst Octane looks like a battle scarred town from Africa, it’s actually in a unrecognisable Las Vegas, possibly post-apocalyptic, with various tanks and Humvees scattered around the map.

With the Gas Station being destructible, Octane can quickly change. It is worth considering close combat weapons, an SMG would be favorable over Shotguns due to the map being largely based outside.

octane map


Overlord is a multiplayer map for Call of Duty Ghosts. Its main setting is in a satellite military outpost.

If you navigate the map you will realize that the main focus of the combat will be centered in the big two story building that is located in the center of the map.

overlord map cod ghosts


Siege brings an interesting style of warfare to Call of Duty, which is what makes it one of our favorite maps at Ghosts Elite. A quick peek into the overall look of Siege will reveal that it is an oil complex that’s located near the sea which has been long abandoned and overrun with trees, shrubs and damaged buildings.

The buildings that you will find in Siege are spread out across the entire map, even along the very edges. Most of these buildings are 1 to 2 stories tall, however others have multiple stories and allow campers to really settle in before sniping at you. These buildings typically have multiple entrances, allowing players from your team and enemy teams to enter and exit from nearly any floor.



Sovereign is one of the bigger maps in COD Ghosts allowing you to have combat in a tank assembly complex. Many of the rooms are very high-tech and have a never-ending complexity to them.

Think of sovereign as a very long and wide battleground located inside of a factory. The entire map is broken up into three separate levels by a giant tank assembly line, which runs straight through the center of sovereign.

ghosts map sovereign


Strikezone, a medium sized map, takes part in what seems to be a bombed-out train station. Whilst it takes part mainly indoor, Strikezone is very open and is much more diverse than you may expect.

The key difference to this map is the Odin Care Package which when activated will collapse major parts of the map making it feel much more enclosed. Due to the balanced nature of the map, most weapons are suitable.

strikezone map


Whiteout is a large icy map which takes part in an evacuated Alaskan fishing town near various caves and ice tunnels. With looping streets and abandoned buildings, Whiteout caters for any playing style.Due to it’s large size, Snipers will be prevalent in Whiteout and will be best suited in the multi-story buildings, there is no shortage of cover. Assault Rifles will also be essential if you want to explore the whole map without feeling too vulnerable.

whiteout map

*This list will update as new maps are confirmed. Strategy guides for maps will become available once Call of Duty: Ghosts is released.

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