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Call of Duty Ghosts Nemesis: This won’t be the last one

The fourth extended Season Pack for COD Ghosts, Nemesis. This is the final chapter of the Ghost saga providing you one hell of an extinction experience. It is also part of the 4 extended Ghosts 4 DLC Packs which previously included Onslaught, Devastation, Invasion and lastly Nemesis.

Released in early August on Xbox One and 360 the rest followed with the release date on September 4th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. This version is available as a standalone for purchase and also as part of the season pass DLC included the previous 3 chapters. Nemesis is the final installment to the Ghost map pack including a comprehensive array of 4 maps in its gameplay continuing with the final chapter of the extinction saga. The game was rumored to have a later release date on the rest of the platforms except Xbox. Players were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the final chapter of the Ghost saga to resolve the end of the Ghost journey also to feast upon the 4th and final chapter of the Extinction mode, Exodus.

Nemesis wraps up the COD Ghost DLC but this won’t be the last one, Cod will bring up the cycle once again with Advanced Warfare. Microsoft’s exclusive collaboration with Activision allowed the Xbox One and Xbox 360’s owners to enjoy this final installment one month ahead of anyone else.

The game kick starts with an extensive and challenging combination of sites, tunnels, bridges and tracks. There hasn’t been an upgrade to the weapons just like in Invasion apart from Onslaught and Devastation apart from the Extinction map. This final chapter includes 4 multiplayer modes each with a set of different terrains and characteristics a player will have to face. The first map is Goldrush, an active gold mine with two operational roving mine carts. The second map is based upon an abandoned Canadian submarine in subzero temperature, a medium sized map with unique kill streaks. The third map is of a lakeside Chinese village and a great view. Lastly, the fourth map is the Showtime and the most fast paced and exhilarating one of the four.

Call of Duty Ghost sage will end with its final chapter and is said to be one of the best FPS game COD has developed up to date so get your share of the warfare action on your consoles or PC now, as the game has already been released on all platforms.

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