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Published on June 16th, 2013 | by Ghost


Call of Duty Ghosts Perks

[Updated: 15/08/2013]

Perks have always made a huge difference to the way you play Call of Duty online and of course Call of Duty Ghosts Perks will be no different!

Whether you want to play stealthy and take out your opponent without them having a chance to react or you want to be able to run straight into action with speed or explosive resistant perks, Call of Duty Ghosts’ perks will let you be the soldier you want to be.

Call of Duty Ghosts will bring a brand new perk system, nothing like we’ve seen before. There are now 35 perks you can choose from, but now you decide how many perks you use.

How it works?

Each perk is designated a cost ranging from 1-3. You are given Squad Points that you can spend on these, so you can select as many perks as you like as long as you can afford them.

For example – if you had 9 Squad Points, then you could either select 3 different expensive perks(3 perks each costing 3 points) or 9 different cheap perks (each costing 1 point). This will give players a whole new dimension of freedom when creating themselves their perfect set up.

Call of Duty Ghosts Perks

call of duty ghosts perks

Quickdraw Aim down sight faster
Sleight of Hand Reload faster
Agility Move faster
Marathon Sprint for longer
Stalker Move faster while aiming down sight
Strong Arm Throw grenades further. Decrease cook time of grenades.
On the go Reload while sprinting
Fast Hands Switch between primary and secondary weapons quicker
Steady Aim Increased hip-fire accuracy
Dexterity Fire weapons faster after sprinting
Takedown Killing enemies wont reveal their death skull to teammates
Blind Eye Undetectable from enemy assault killstreaks
Off the Grid Immune to SAT-Com and Radar Pings
Dead Silence Move silently
Ghost No red name when targeted
Recon Spot enemies from explosives and hitmarkers
Scavenger Resupply from fallen enemies
Sitrep Detect enemy equipment
Awareness Enemies are easier to hear
Wiretap Hack into enemy SAT-Coms
Lightweight Reduces fall damage
Painkiller Faster health regeneration
Toughness Less flich when shot
Tac Resist Resistance to flash, stun and EMP effects
Blast Shield Increased explosives resistance
Tac Reset Extra Tactical grenade
Lethal +1 Extra lethal grenade
Fully Loaded Max ammo capacity
Extra Attachments Three attachments on primary weapon
Danger Close Increased explosive damage
Gambler Re-Roll Care Packages
Hardline Earn killstreaks quicker
Ping When you kill an enemy it will locate enemies near their body
Overkill Equip two primary weapons
Deadeye Consecutive kills increase the chance to deal more damage

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12 Responses to Call of Duty Ghosts Perks

  1. Jamie says:

    commando please… and smaller maps so everything is more fast pace instead of just camping..

  2. XxxXstuie says:

    soh, lightweight and marrathon. get rid of flak jacket / blast shield, no more recon, or ghost or at least make it so they show on map when they are camping like they did in black ops 2. and dont bring back last stand either cos thats crap

  3. zoolonger says:

    How about bringing back the specialist perks. I dont really care about manned killstreaks cos its boring but if I can be rewarded for my kills while still being able to run around and kill people I’m happy. It should be similar to MW3 where you get the choice of what type of perks, that then get unlocked at a certain amount of kills.

  4. sleight of hand.. that’s all i care about. no stupid running perks or anything like that.. only realistic perks.

    • Marathon says:

      How is having ungodly hand speeds realistic at all? And since when is RUNNING something that is unrealistic; something that isn’t used in real war?

      Sleight of hand is a thousand times for unrealistic than running while reloading, and I would also love to see the return of marathon, because I feel a solider should be able to sprint for more than 5 seconds.

  5. 23213131 says:

    i heard there was going to be a perk wher eyou can sprint and reload at the same time.. that would be pretty cool. good for people like me who dont want to sit around and camp in a corner all game.

  6. billy says:

    dont care as long as its balanced. the less perks the better.

    i hate someone always having a setup which counters mine perfectly.. what’s the point – just removes all skill in the game.

  7. Terry3330 says:

    People who say they want a game balanced are losers which can’t get over powerful areas of a game. On the other hand im happy with almost anything that cod gives me since I can adapt and most lof the time keep a 2 KDR

  8. Tony Combs says:

    you need all kinds of maps not just small ones as in cod 4 some small maps were for run and gun games and some large maps were for snipers every body plays a diff. way

  9. Chaz says:

    This is wrong, you can only use 8 PTs worth of perks i.e. I use QuickDraw (3), off the grid (3) and for now fully loaded (2). I have 19 squad points and I CAN NOT use anymore perks than 8pts. So yeah…

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