Call of Duty Ghosts ghosts recoil and accuracy tips

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Call of Duty Ghosts Recoil Tips and Accuracy Tricks

So in this article we’re going to be discussing the way recoil functions with various weapons that have either reduced or increased recoil for the first few shots. This is important because if there is a reduced recoil for the first couple shots then you will need to burst fire your shots to get better accuracy. On the other hand, if there are weapons that have an increased recoil for the first few shots, which means you should hold down the trigger button because their accuracy will increase that way.

What is recoil? Recoil would include the gun-kick when your gun goes flying around upon firing and also where the actual bullets themselves land on your target.

Recoil Reduction Weapons

FAD has -10% for the first 8 shots.

Remington R5 -15% for the first bullet meaning you should really make that first bullet count if you want to come out on top in your 1 on 1 fights.

ARX has -15% for the first 2 bullets which means that any mid to long range conflicts should be taken care of with 2-3 bullet bursts.

SC-1020 has -20% for the first bullet.

CBJ-MS has -20% for the first 2 bullets. You shouldn’t really use the CBJ for long distance battles, but when you do find yourself in one, make sure to burst fire it. Close distance battles don’t really matter much in terms of accuracy.

Honey Badger has -30 for the first bullet, so get that first shot in accurately.

LSAT has -30% for the first 3 bullets. This means that you must burst fire to take full advantage of the LSAT.

Now what are you looking at here? The higher the negative recoil you see here on the first few shots, the more you will need to burst-fire that weapon for those shots to ensure good accuracy. Then after your initial 1-8 bullets fired, the gun will significantly lose its accuracy.

Positive Addition Recoil Weapons

These are the weapons that you should spray with by holding the trigger down, because they get more accurate as you fire them. So after the first 1, 3, and 6 shots your gun gets even more accurate.

AK-12 has +15% for the 1st shot

Ameli has +25% for the first 3 shots

ChainSAW has +45% for the first 6 shots.

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