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Call of Duty Ghosts Tips for Extinction Mode

Quite a few people have been interested in figuring out exactly what the best strategies and tips are for successfully destroying in Extinction Mode. I’m going to try to share what I’ve noticed that may be helpful for your gameplay, so get your notebook ready!

Challenges are important for collecting your skill points early on in the game, allowing the rest of the game much easier overall. To complete the hardest challenges (the accuracy shooting ones) you will need to have someone shoot once and then everyone can start knifing the first hive sector. Put up traps and use the killstreaks later on in the hives.

The Medic and Weapon Specialist classes should be used for the most success. Why not the engineer you may ask? The engineer class is playable in Extinction and has its few advantages, but overall it’s not greatly effective. Avoid the tank also, because while it might seem like a smart idea, the advantages aren’t that great in the end.

cod extinction challenges

Your skill points should be used first to upgrade your classes (see above point) to the best class possible. Also, you should upgrade your pistol at least once before the barrier hive. Someone also needs to upgrade their ammo to the highest available and then boosters and equipment need to be upgraded as well.

Before you start upgrading your pistol as I said above, you will need to choose the best pistol specifically for Extinction Mode. Most Extinction fans will agree that the P226 and the M1 are the best pistols to use for this game mode. If you want something challenging, the Magnum may make your game more interesting, though not as successful overall if your accuracy is lacking.

It’s vitally important to have a minimum two people with armor. The feral instincts are also useful if you get as far as the nuke, they will also help you get away from the larger groups.

For killstreaks you will want to aim for the sentry gun. The next best thing is an IMS, but wasting your killstreaks on anything else will be considered a waste and won’t help you advance very far.

extinction sentry guns

While riot shields may be fine under some situations, the grenade turrets and portable miniguns are a must to keep as equipment. These will give you a particular advantage with destroying the barrier hives and advancing forward.

One of the biggest advantages outside of in-game strategies is having great communication with your teammates. You will be able to organize things like holding onto similar types of ammo, so that it can be easily shared and be able to launch successful offensive and defensive measures.

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