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Marksman Rifles

With Call of Duty Ghosts, we are going to see the introduction of a brand new class. Marksman.

Marksman has the aim of bridging the gap between Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles. Marksman Rifles will generally be most suited to players who like pin-point accuracy but don’t want to sit around at the corner of the map.

If you think you’ve got a steady hand then Marksman Rifles could be perfect for you. Don’t miss though, you won’t be able to just spray n pray like many other classes.

Call of Duty Ghosts – Marksman Rifles

*This list is what has been seen so far from gameplay videos. This will continue to be updated until we have a final confirmed list of Marksman Rifles.

2 Responses to Marksman Rifles

  1. Henning says:

    Ar these weapons like FAL?

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