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Chasm Map on Call of Duty Ghosts

Brief Overview of Chasm

Chasm is a featured map in Call of Duty Ghosts that allows players to experience the ultimate urban terrain battleground. Its location is set in the no-longer-beautiful Los Angeles, California in the great ole’ US of A.

Dynamic Features

The designers and developers of this exclusive Ghosts map through in the exciting twists and turns to give the map a more dynamic feel. At the edge of Chasm, there is a 2-piece bus setup going on that players are allowed to unknowingly enter. Once an explosive is set-off on or near the bus, it will cause it to tip over, effectively killing everyone inside.

chasm bus explosive

Another interesting feature is the small elevator box that can be found hanging between 2 ledges. Players are able to climb on top of the elevator box after shooting at the cable wheels, which will cause the box to lower a little. Once lowered and players are atop the hanging box, you can set-off an explosive that will swing across to the opposite ledge creating a fun transportation vehicle.

chasm elevator box

Chasm Minimap

chasm minimap

Multiplayer Gameplay

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