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Published on June 22nd, 2013 | by Ghost


CoD Ghosts on Next-Gen Will Have Beautiful Rounded Scopes

Next-Gen consoles will allow CoD Ghosts to have perfectly rounded scopes.

Big deal I hear you say.. what’s so great about that?

Not much to be fair but these subtle improvements make a huge difference in the end.

Why hasn’t it been done before? Is it really that difficult to make a circle?

Actually.. yes it is.

Anyone who’s been playing games for the last 10 or 15 years has seen the evolution of 3D graphics in games, from the square headed stickmen in the first wave of 3D games to the increasingly realistic character models, rendered now in millions of polygons. For those of you unaware of the basics in graphical output, the most basic shape, and the one used as the primary building block in all modern modelling is the triangle.

Because of this, one of the hardest things to do in graphical output is a perfect curve. For the last few generations, developers have attempted this through sheer numbers, adding more and more polygons to their models, increasing the number of vertices to give the illusion of a more rounded visual but thanks to advances in a new engine feature called Sub-D, a technique which breaks basic geometry in perfect curves.

The result for CoD Ghosts?

Flawlessly round scopes!

Activision sat down with GameZone to show the differences the Sub-D engine incurs:

“an example with Sub-D turned off, revealing frighteningly jagged edges because of the normal poly count. With it turned on, the normal poly count increased exponentially.”

It’s a small touch but its potential isn’t to be underestimated. These are the graphical updates that will make Next-gen all the more visually impressive.

cod ghosts scopes

MW3 Scope – Notice the rough edges?

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