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CoD Ghosts Perks Wishlist

We all know how important Perks are on Call of Duty and how they can entirely change the way the game plays. CoD Ghosts perks will be no exception to that rule.

Saying this though, while there are perks that can dramatically improve a game, we believe that (when used excessively) there are also perks that can completely ruin a game. This is our wishlist of perks that we DO want and perks that we DO NOT want to return in Call of Duty Ghosts.

The perks have been chosen from the Modern Warfare series.

CoD Ghosts Perks – We DO Want!

1. Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand allows you to reload 50% faster.

I think most of us will want this to stay in Call of Duty for ever. It is pretty much always a part of my build. When I don’t have it equipped I feel so sluggish and vulnerable. I realise if you play more tactical then you won’t need it quite as much but I do find it makes the gameplay much more fast-paced and action packed.

If there was one perk I could have back it would, without doubt, be Sleight of Hand.

2. Sitrep

Sitrep highlights enemy equipment such as Tactical Inserts and explosives including Claymores.

We’ve all had those games where the whole team is using claymores, portable radars, trophy systems to defend themselves while they “hold” a tactical area. You try to run in and take them out but the odds are stacked heavily against you and you don’t stand a chance. What chance do you have in that situation if they keep putting the equipment back down? Not much.

That’s where sitrep comes in. Spot all the equipment, take it out and clear yourself a pathway to the enemy. Even better now that taking out equipment counts towards to your scorestreaks (if they keep this system at least).

Oh and even better.. it helps combat boosters.

3. Hardline

Hardline makes killstreaks require one less kill. For example, if UAV normally requires 3 kills.. with Hardline equipped you will unlock it after 2 kills.

If you’re like me and like to stay in the middle of the action racking up a hell of a lot of kills but quite a fair few deaths as well – you’ll realise how useful Hardline can be. Or have you been in that situation when you need 1 more kill to unlock Chopper Gunner and you get killed from behind? If only you had Hardline on you think to yourself.

Of course, just like every other perk, Hardline isn’t always the best choice to make for your class. But, if you’re having a bad day or simply dying quite a lot Hardline can give you that little edge that gives you that vital killstreak and turns a bad game into a great game.

CoD Ghosts Perks – We DO NOT Want..

1. Commando

Commando increases your melee distance. This means you can lunge further thus being able to knife people from quite a distance.

Now I understand this hasn’t existed since Modern Warfare 2 and was thankfully left out from MW3 and Black Ops 2. But I hated it so much I feel the need to mention it here. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of melee action and I don’t think knifing should be made redundant. However, I do believe it should be a challenge.

Keep knifing an achievement (and a embarrassment to the victim) – please don’t bring back Commando.

2. Overkill

Overkill gives you the ability to hold two primary weapons (second weapon can’t use any attachments).

I know a lot of people will disagree with me here and I understand why. Yes, Overkill allows you to carry out multiple roles.. you could snipe from a distance then when the enemy gets closer swap to a SMG and still have a good chance of surviving.

My issue with this.. it eliminates the need for teamwork. I know it’s not always possible when playing with randoms, but when I’m playing with friends or a team that seems to be working together I will try to play tactically. As in, I will use my role to my advantage and expect my teammates to do the same so we can win the game. When a player can swap weapon and completely change his or her role it makes this style of play non existent. That player could have used a perk in that place to complement his role and put himself (and the team) in a much stronger position.

3. Recon

Recon makes it so that when a enemy receives explosive damage they will be marked as a red arrow on the map.

I think this is probably a personal annoyance to only me, but I hate this perk. Why should the enemy know exactly where I am just because they’ve taken a random grenade launcher shot at my position. A hitmarker is enough for them to know I’m there but why any more.. I’m already damaged as it is.

I don’t know – I just don’t see the point of Recon.

ghosts perks

Don’t be like this guy..

That’s it guys, let us know what perks you do / don’t want to see in Ghosts.

Disclaimer: I know perks are a sensitive issue, this is only my opinion. 🙂

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9 Responses to CoD Ghosts Perks Wishlist

  1. matt666 says:

    you could of done a bigger list then just 3 each what a lack of an article

  2. Garyyyy says:

    I really hope they bring Sleight of Hand back.. nothing worse than getting killed just because you couldn’t reload quick enough.

    Also hoping for one man army – can’t beat having a barret and mp5 in the same class.

    • matt666 says:

      well in real life a trained person can reload a gun fast and also one man army just asking for noobs, you should be able to get a kill with a side arm and if not don’t use a sniper

      • Garyyy says:

        LOL one man army for noobs.. no. why shouldn’t i be able to attack from range and then change to smg and be able to run in.. its really good for defending flags A and C on domination.

        • matt666 says:

          because you would realize if you wasn’t a noob you could still use a sniper class and use either a pistol or a machine pistol and still get kills just look at all the one man army noobs on MW2

  3. Predator01----- says:

    Mhhhhhhhhh recon pro best perk ever for search I mean noob tube on m4 w/silencer your golden!!!???!!!

  4. Josh says:

    they should get rid of tac insertions. i’ve never even understood how that would be possible. you’re behind enemy lines and decide, “this is where i want to start up next time” so you place a beacon that some how allows you to start there… when in reality if you were to do that you would have to be dropped in by helicopter which would be extremely dangerous for the team dropping you in. try to be a little more realistic please.

  5. ace Gambit says:

    First, tac inserts will always remain, secondly quickscope should be banned and lastly, unlimited or longer sprint including stalker should be Brought back and campers will think twice befor playing like puss*s, that is all.

  6. Daniel says:

    Why would they take out overkill? It isn’t overpowered, it is just very useful. They also need to bring back sleight of hand, stopping power, double tap, and keep fast hands and scavenger. This perks together would be awesome.

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