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Published on February 6th, 2014 | by dee


Diamon Division Coming to Call of Duty Clan Wars in February

February isn’t usually an exciting month for Call of Duty followers, but with the latest version of the game and the new Clan Wars feature, you can stay busy fighting for awesome gear and a chance to take your team to the top of your division.

Before this announcement, we’ve only four different divisions including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Now top players and Clans will have a chance to take their team into the Diamond Division and reap the rewards of placing in the top brackets.

So what exactly will you win if you do well in Diamond Division? Simply placing in the Clan Wars Diamond Division will earn everyone in your team a War Cry Reticle and winning a Clan War will give you the matching gun Camo.

However if you win multiple Clan Wars in Diamond Division, that’s where you really start earning. Two Clan Wars wins will get you the War Cry Assassin head piece, and three wins will give you the War Cry Savage head piece. If you really excel in Diamond Division and take a total of four Clan wars, then you will be among the elite and take home the War Cry Uniform.

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