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Published on December 18th, 2013 | by dee


Does General Shepherd Survive in Call of Duty MW2?

Lieutenant General Shepherd was known as a senior officer in the U.S. Army in the Call of Duty MW2 Modern Warfare 2 series. He was a supporting character for the main character and then later revealed himself as the enemy by betraying an already injured Ghost on his way to the helicopter and putting a bullet in him. There are still rumors that Simon Ghost Riley may have survived the encounter with General Shepherd in Modern Warfare 2.

Read our article about Ghost’s possibility of surviving.

Why do we think General Shepherd could have survived?

A Redditor recently posted an image from Call of Duty: Ghosts of a magazine cover of some gossip magazine with a photo of General Shepherd on the front. It reads “Shepherd In Trouble in bold blue letters.

general shepherd survives

Following the betrayal of Ghost, we can see General Shepherd mounted on top of Price beating him within seconds of death. Then Soap briefly wakes up and flips a knife from his sheath, throwing it directly into the face of General Shepherd. Then Price and Nikolai rescue Soap by helicopter to a hidden location.

You can watch the video for yourself and then decide if it’s possible that Shepherd survived the blow to his face. We think it’s unlikely but not entirely impossible.

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One Response to Does General Shepherd Survive in Call of Duty MW2?

  1. Alex says:

    He isn’t dead. A solider survived a grenade blast and lost an eye.

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