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Flooded Map on Call of Duty Ghosts

Brief Overview of Flooded

Flooded map on Call of Duty Ghosts occurs at a location where a dam has erupted and water has flooded the town. The location of the map is located in Caracus, Venezuela and you can find this map in the Legends Never Die campaign.

An interesting aspect to keep in mind is that you can actually drown and die while in prone position in the streets.

You can jump from item to item in the flooded streets, but if that item you’re standing on sinks or you miss it altogether, there’s a good chance you’re not comping out alive.

Dynamic Features

At the edge of Flooded you can reach a bridge. Whenever you step on the bus under the bridge it will began to sink into the water.

flooded bus ghosts

You won’t die from standing on it, but the longer you stand on it, the more it will sink into the flooded water. If you don’t jump off in time, you will sink with the bus and die.

Flooded Minimap

flooded minimap ghosts

Multiplayer Gameplay

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