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Ghosts Developers Discuss New Features

Call of Duty Ghosts development team and Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin tell us about the new features they are bringing to their upcoming title. We’ll list out the interesting bits below for those of you who want a quick run down of what to expect.

Call of Duty Ghosts – Behind the Scenes

  • New Story

    • Stephen Gaghan – Writer of Traffic and Writer Director of Syriana
    • New emotional characters
    • Ghosts are a special elite squad who have formed from remnants of various US special forces.
    • A new canine team-mate, a German Shephard, who will help protect your team and assist you in ways such as sniffing out explosives.
  • New Next-Gen Engine

    • New AI System – AI will react in new ways to what you’re doing. For example, fish moving out of your way.
    • Interactive Smoke
    • Advanced Lighting – Reflections and shadows.
    • New detailed shading.
    • Momentum – eg. Running and jumping onto walls will cause you to “bounce” onto and off them, improving the flow.
  • New Online Features

    call of duty ghosts leaning

    • Lean feature
    • Diving and sliding – Similar to diving on Black Ops
    • Dynamic Maps – Events will happen in the middle of games.
      • Earthquakes
      • Floods
    • Player driven actions that will change the flow of a map such as explosive traps.
    • ghosts player driven events
    • Character Customisation
      • Custom equipment
      • Custom gear
      • Custom body armor
      • Custom helmet
  • Run at a minimum of 60fps.

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5 Responses to Ghosts Developers Discuss New Features

  1. Gordon says:

    and remind me which one of those features haven’t I seen before?

  2. Todd Stark says:

    Sounds like there making a carbon copy of black ops! Well they did add the fish!

  3. Treyarch suck says:

    It will be made by Infinity Ward, that’s enough for me. Good hit detection, minimal lag (compared to the Black Ops franchise, Modern Warfare ran faultlessly for me, apart from the dreaded host disadvantage) and wins/kills/total score leaderboards back again. Not to mention superior feeling guns…

  4. Zak says:

    Hello. I have been a due hard call of duty fan since the ww2 games for regular xbox. I have always been a fan of the modern warfare series. But I have to say that ghosts is terrible. I think black ops 2 is ten times better than ghosts. This coming from a guy who only logged in 4 total hours of the first black ops. The maps are not interesting at all. It seems like no effort was put forth and no creativity. I am embarrassed to call myself a fan. The spawns are atrocious. How can someone spawn behind my whole team when we r sitting on our objective? It seems to be getting worse. If an update doesn’t come soon. Me and all my friends will no longer be purchasing this series of games. Only black ops. I am so disgusted.

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