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Published on June 20th, 2013 | by Ghost


Ghosts Will Make Use of Next-Gen Advanced AI

Mark Rubin, Executive Producer for CoD Ghosts, has highlighted the need for “finished hardware” to complete development of the game’s AI in an interview with Official Playstation Magazine.

This in turn has prompted the development team to be “a little more cautious on some of that”. Understandably so, given the unknown differences in architecture which could give unexpected results.

The conversation then led towards some of the improvements made by the team in terms of enemy AI, in his own words targeted at “situational AI” rather than traditional enemy tactics which we have come to know and love.

What does this mean for us.. the players?

Events happening around the map will impact on how your enemy acts.

How this will be implemented is yet to be seen but the potential is massive. We could see enemy soldiers take shelter from falling debris on urbanised maps or in one of the more exciting moves..

“They might behave differently to the dog,” says Rubin.

It might sound obvious but this gets us one step closer to having enemy soldiers that actually act as you would expect humans too.

  • No longer might an enemy hear a grenade blow up behind them in a firefight and keep their sights locked on you.
  • The sound of enemy air support could cause your enemies to drop weapons and run.
  • If a path becomes blocked by debris, enemy squads could abandon positions to reassess what paths the player might take in the future.

This is all wild speculation at the moment but the potential is certainly there as the next-gen systems are all coming with large leaps in computing power. As per E3, both next-gen systems are reporting a nearly ten-fold increase in power which gives a lot in the way in computational operations, or in English.. our enemies are going to have far more options than the current “shoot”, “crouch and shoot” or “pretend to aim and THEN shoot”.

Ruben pointed out, with some validity, that “AI in general is one of those things (where) the subtle things are often easy to notice when it is bad”. Which will ring through for any player here who can remember watching an ally run straight past an enemy and stand still over a grenade. Hopefully Call of Duty Ghosts will deliver a more satisfying experience when its Next-Gen counterparts arrive.

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