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How Clan Wars Works in Call of Duty Ghosts

I’m going to give you a run through of Call of Duty Ghosts Clan Wars.

Infinity Wards will be constantly updating and patching small fixes to make the entire Clan Wars system run flawlessly.

We’re going to be running through what you will see on a typical clan page below:

cod ghosts clan wars page

1. Clan / Team Name

Here you will find your custom clan logo as well as your clan name and abbreviations that are visible in multiplayer gameplay.

2. Unlocks Level

XP required to advance to next level is also shown here.

3. Team Stats

Here you can find your teams overall average kill / death ratios as well as your win rate percentage.

4. Roster

In the roster menu you can see all of the players in your clan as well as their individual kill / death ratios ordered from best to worst.

5. Clan War Summary – Current Clan Position

This is the current position of your clan in your division.

6. Capture Points & Territories Held

7. Bonus for Capturing Territories

Once these bonuses are activated (as seen on screen), everyone in the clan will be able to benefit from them.

8. Division Scoreboard

See how far behind and ahead you are with other clans and the points necessary to advance further in your division or to the next division.

Clan Wars

ghosts clan wars page

So here you can see we have the Clan Wars Page.

Clan Wars Territories

This specific location is in Los Angeles as you can see in the top left corner and there are a total of 10 locations that various Clans are competing to capture.

Advantages of Holding Territories

With each location captured or held, the Clan is able to gain valuable advantages like the ones shown in the top right corner of the page.

Various Division Advancements

The league is located in the top center of your screen. They are categorized by bronze, silver, gold, and platinum divisions.

Countdown to Close of Clan War

If you wait on that opening screen, a countdown timer will appear in the top right corner above the advantages showing the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the end of the current Clan War.

There are 8 total Clans in each division, making 7 other Clans that you have to compete against for territories. You will be matched up against other Clans with a similar skill level to yours.

Taking Capture Points in Clan Wars

ghosts clan wars tdm

As you can see above, each team must lead with wins in each game mode. 200 wins were required to take this particular locations and they must all have been played in Team DeathMatch game mode.

Once a clan captures that locations, the other 7 clans battle it out to try to take that from you by playing TDM matches. All of the teams have to get a total of 211 wins to knock you down to 0 wins, and then they start progressing towards the 200 required wins to take the territory.

How to Win Clan Wars

At the end of the Clan Wars, the Clan who holds the most amount of capture territories with the most points will be champion of that division.

Winning Clan Wars has its benefits. The winning teams in each division gets exclusive unlocks in your character customization selection that aren’t available anywhere else.

Didn’t find the information your were looking for in this quick guide? We found a particularly helpful video that explains a few more aspects of Clan wars in a short 6 minute long video. Check it out below:

We also recommend you check out the FAQ over at Activision if you need more support:

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  1. Josiah Duff (GT500 Mustangs on XBOX LIVE) says:

    Thanks for the tips, I would love to join your clan but my KD is horrible, sorry…..

  2. Julian says:

    My clan was second in platinum division from Alaska and now we are silver division we won gold already btw. Is this a glitch or? Please anwser this 🙂 #xACx Dutch Assassin Crew

  3. robert says:

    ok so my clan has won 2 platinum clanwars we are able to join diamond but im wanting to know if we have to opt in or can we play in diamond in say a month I wanted to give my clan some time off but not sure if im able too or will it knock us back down the clanwars ladder also I never opted in.any help would be appreciated

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