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How to Earn Squad Points Faster in Ghosts

Squad points are extremely important in Call of Duty Ghosts, because it’s essentially how to unlock almost everything in the game.

Why do you need squad points?

Squad points unlock things like weapons, perks, equipment, attachments and even kill-streaks.

Why you need squad points

They can be used the way you want to by unlocking items in any specific order that you feel is best for your soldier.

Do you really need to try and work to earn them?

If you don’t really make an effort to gain and earn squad points and instead play just “for fun,” then unfortunately it will take a long time to to reach that next weapon, perk or kill-streak unlock.

How to earn squad points faster

There are several things you can actually do to earn more squad points in COD Ghosts, and we’re going to walk you through them here:

  • Level up quickly: Every single time that your solider reaches the next level, you simultaneously earn 2 squad points. This will work up to level 60. So put more emphasis and focus on leveling up and you will have plenty of squad points to use on your soldier.

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  • Complete field orders: Keep a close watch on your field orders (a.k.a. challenges). You can find blue briefcases around the map that give you various challenges you can choose to complete or not. Upon completion, you earn 1 additional squad point. Definitely worth it!
  • Don’t avoid your operations: Completing your operations is something that most players often avoid, but they don’t understand that this is where a good chunk of XP and squad points can be earned.

earn squad points faster

How do operations work?

Operations get updated every 2 weeks with new orders. Most of these are quite simple and can be tracked in your Perk Operations menu.

If you take a peek at the lower right area of your Perk Operations screen, you will see that there is a countdown to when new operations will be available, along with a menu for how many points can be earned.

If you complete 2 operations before the time runs out, you get 2 squad points, plus an extra squad point. If you complete 3 operations, you get 3 points, plus 2 extra squad points, and so on. Your goal should be to complete 5 operations, where you will receive an extra 4 points making it 9 total.

How operations work

You can also order a new operations list if you are getting frustrated with or have already completed the current list for the price of 1 squad point.

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