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How to Play Extinction Mode in COD Ghosts

You probably just picked up Call of Duty Ghosts are wondering where to find or how to play the new Extinction Mode.

3 Different Methods

Well unlocking extinction mode in COD Ghosts is quite simple and all it involves is playing 1 mission in the single player campaign. You can play it on any difficulty level as well.

  • Once you complete the first mission (although we recommend you play them all at least once for the entertainment value) then Extinction Mode should appear on the main menu.
  • Another method for unlocking extinction mode is getting your character to level 5 in your multiplayer career. After that, Extinction Mode should appear in your main menu when you first start the game.
  • The last method, although we haven’t personally tried this one out, is being invited by a friend to play Extinction Mode. If you get an invite, then you can skip the above 2 options and go right to fighting the aliens.

Wait what? You get to fight aliens?

call of duty ghosts fight aliens

That’s right, if you haven’t seen any gameplay before of extinction mode on YouTube, we’ll do our best to try to explain it to you here.

Extinction Mode includes four different players battling against aliens in sort-of a post apocalyptic world that is overrun by these creatures.

What’s the objective?

The simple goal in Extinction Mode is to Destroy the Alien Hives, there are 14 total Hives that can be destroyed by placing a Laser Drill and protecting it until it’s finished destroying the Hive.

Here are the creepy alien hives:
ghosts extinction Alien Hives

The Drill has 100 health when planted (125 health if you’re an engineer), and can even be repaired once it drops below 74 healthy (again, by an engineer) or a team booster. The game ends if the Drill gets destroyed.

Also, there are other hives called Barrier Hives that must be destroyed only by shooting them or exploding them somehow. Attack helicopters are a great help to lower the health of the Barrier Hives before moving on to the Alien Hives. All players earn 1 skill point following the destruction of a hive.

How to earn additional guns

You earn money as you destroy the aliens and the hives, which can be used to buy more weapons that are scattered across the map, just like you would in Zombies before.

There’s also a money system that you can use to keep track of how you earn money. It works by figuring out the type of enemy that you destroyed as well as how you destroyed them. Keep in mind that you can only hold $6,000 cash at a single time unless you’re in the engineer class, then the limit is bumped up to $8,000.

Positive bonus:

  • 1.5x: Killed with a critical hit
  • 1.5x: Killed with melee

Negative bonus:

  • 0.5x: Killed with a hit to the armor (Does not apply with Armor Piercing Ammo)
  • 0.5x: Assisted kill

Check out some awesome HD Extinction gameplay by Ali-A below:

Have you tried Extinction Mode yet? Do you think it’s better or worse than zombies? Drop us a comment below!

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  2. demarcus frost says:

    Cod ghost is ok but people say that on multiplayer’s you die easy with three bullets

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