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How to Quickscope in Call of Duty Ghosts

Quickscoping in Call of Duty Ghosts is an either you know it or you don’t quality in a player.

It could have been something you gradually picked up from playing other first person shooter games such as Counter-Strike and have adapted it into your game play here in Call of Duty, or perhaps you saw someone else do it to you in a replay / kill-cam and took the time to master it yourself.

Whatever it is, we’re not going to limit you by your past, because we’re going to take a few steps to teach you how to Quickscope in COD: Ghosts.

If you already know how to quickscope, you can still benefit from reading some of the additional tips to improve your game.

Quickscope in Call of Duty Ghosts

How to Quickscope in Call of Duty Ghosts

What gear to carry with you:

  • Go into your class selection and choose a sniper rifle such as the USR Sniper. Along with your USR you will want to attach either the Variable Zoom Lens (recommended), the Thermal Scope or ACOG Scope.

Feel around to see which attachment works best for quickscoping and overall sniper gameplay for you specifically.

  • After the lens, you will want to add the Chrome Lined, which increases your overall damage.

The description of the add-on says that there is an increased kick, but it’s hardly noticeable and will not affect your game much.

  • Secondary weapon would be smart to choose the most powerful pistol you have.

If you’re in a situation where you missed your distance sniper shot and aren’t getting anywhere with the quickscope, you will need a close distance / highly powerful pistol to finish the enemy off.

  • The only requirement for your perks is the Quickdraw for obvious reasons (faster aiming).

usr sniper rifle

Second Nature Hit Zone Kill Shot

You will want to aim for the largest target zone with your sniper that will give you the biggest chance of hitting your target while still delivering a kill shot: the chest.

Work on lining up your sniper cross-hairs on a specific position to the point of where it’s second nature (you can do it without thinking about it).

Practice makes perfect:

Get used to your scoping speed for each sniper rifle. Each rifle has a different scoping speed and you will need to understand each one you use. It will become muscle memory after a few dozen kills.

Practice against bots if you want to preserve your stats.

Stop moving:

It’s only common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t understand this basic principle of using a sniper rifle. You can’t aim accurately while you are running or walking. Stop moving before you go to shoot whether or not you’re quickscoping and watch your accuracy increase drastically.

Aim ahead of the enemy:

Whenever you’re watching your opponent make his way in front of you across the screen, you don’t want to follow him with your scope. What you need to get used to doing is predict where he will be a second ahead of him and be ready to quickscope him in that position. This will increase your speed and accuracy as well.

Aim to the Right of Your Opponent

If you find yourself slightly off you can try to aim slightly to the right of your opponent and slightly move your scope to the left. That’s because the zooming motion drags from your default holding position and slides to the left.

Line up towards the shoulder area and move your crosshairs the rest of the way to the chest area. Aim a little higher if you’re trying to collect headshots.

Here’s some awesome live-action multiplayer quickscoping gameplay:

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