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The Springs Clan War is Live! How to tell which Clan War You’re In?

Call of Duty The Springs Clan War goes live two days before the Cairo Diamond Division Clan War starts on February 21st.

If you’re unsure which Clan War you’re in, you will have to ask your Clan Leader. He or she is the one that decides whether your clan will join the new Diamond Division, or if you will continue competing in Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Division.

Joining a division that’s out of your league isn’t recommended, because you will not only be disappointed, but you will also miss out on possibly earning the Body Count gear from placing high in your skill group. Diamond Division is the elite Ghosts players following the Platinum Division and includes the possibility of winning the all-exclusive War Cry gear, which is one of the most rarest gear in the game right now.

Can you compete in multiple divisions?

If you joined the Diamond Division with the rest of your Clan, then you’re out of the other leagues that were listed above. Here’s what Infinity Ward has to say about multiple divisions:

If your Clan has opted into Diamond Division you will no longer take part in the Bronze – Platinum Clan Wars, instead you’ll only be involved in the shorter sprints that make up this ultimate contest. If you’re still trying to complete your Body Count set, your wins in Diamond Division will count towards your required total, and your Clan will automatically receive all the Bronze – Platinum patches. This is not to mention the fact that this is the only place you can win the in-game War Cry gear.

However, at any time, your Clan Leader can decide to drop the Diamond Division and return to the others immediately.

Clan War Dates for The Springs and Diamond Division Cairo

Clan War: The Springs: February 19th 12:00PM PST – February 24th 11:59am PST

Clan War Diamond Division: Cairo: February 21st – February 23rd

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  1. four4deuce2/Scott Addy says:

    How can I find out how my clan did in the clan war “Springs”? I have been searching all day. Please help!

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