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Published on December 31st, 2013 | by dee


Infinity Ward Provides A List of Upcoming Improvements for Ghosts

We got a great sign from Infinity Ward today in the general discussions section of the Call of Duty forums. One of the developers who goes by the name of teanah has provided us with a detailed list of upcoming improvements that Ghosts players can expect in the near future. We’ll give you an inside look at key features that they plan on adding or updating below.

Spawning Improvements

The problems or issues with the spawns is admittedly one of the most discussed topics in the Ghosts community. Infinity Ward wants to make us aware that they are doing everything they can to combat these bugs and bring an end to any problems that the current spawning system contains. The updates to the spawns will come from the extensive amount of data that has been collected about the last five weeks of gameplay. The updated system, although not live yet, is being hard-tested by developers and designers to ensure its perfection. They promise to give us updates about its progress.

Read about the weapon balancing and sniper rifle changes that IW plans on addressing.

Hacking and Cheating Improvements

It’s no surprise that there are still problems in the area of hackers and cheaters in Call of Duty: Ghosts because nearly every game recently released on the Xbox and PlayStation platform has experienced their fair share of individuals who enjoy ruining the games experience for others. The great news is that Infinity Ward promises to take full action on cheaters and hackers by adhering to their Code of Conduct that was released a few weeks ago. The amount of seriousness to this issue can be seen with their dedicated Online Security department that has been hired for this very purpose. They will be actively banning cheaters as well as cleaning up the leaderboard problems and correcting hacked stats. Along with the active hunt for hackers they are also working on covering up any exploits as well as releasing patches to block any of the current hacks that have been floating around on the black market.

If you spot an obvious hacker or suspect any foul play, Infinity Ward recommends that you refer the issue to the Activision Support staff by contacting them online at this link or through their twitter @ATVIAssist.

The rest of the improvements that may effect your gameplay are below:

Squad Points: We are making a change to the amount of Squad Points your soldiers earn. For ranks 1 – 5, each rank up will now give you 5 squad points (increased from the usual 2 squad points). So each Squad Member that you take to level 5, you’ll get 25 squad points.

Operations: We are looking at large, potential changes for Operations. For instance, we are looking into increasing XP rewards for completing operations. More info to come.

Infected: We are in the process of adding new loadouts to the Infected playlist. This is currently being tested internally, so be sure to look out for more variety in the future!

New game mode: We are in the process of adding a new Heavy Duty playlist that increases player health.  We would love to hear your feedback on this new mode, so make sure to try it out.

Let us know in the comments below if any of these surprise you or if you think there’s anything that was missed that should have been addressed.

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8 Responses to Infinity Ward Provides A List of Upcoming Improvements for Ghosts

  1. mmm says:

    Ghosts was a massive waste of money nothing but w disappoint I have switched to battlefield f***
    u ghosts

  2. Shadowlion says:

    Add more players to the lobby, that way the game will be more interesting!

  3. ifyoudontlikeitquit says:

    I don’t mind 3 bullet kills, providing all else is equal, which is doesn’t apear to be. My loadout makes very little difference to my experience. I can set up as run and gun full on aggressive mode or ninja assasin stealth and I still get roughly the same experience in terms of how easily I get found and shot at. My internet isn’t bad, less than 50ms ping to nearest broadband supplier, and I’m not a noob either as I’ve played fps since networked Doom on a LAN was the only was to do multiplayer. Either the perks are overpowered or there are more cheats online than I would like to believe. Either way, I love online multiplayer, so sort it out because you have the funds and the ongoing fanbase. It’s like you forget all the experience you have when you create a new version and then spend the next 2 years trying to patch it, then forget again when you bring out a new version.

  4. Josh says:

    Fix clan wars issue- clans doubling their size during clan wars but are able to remain in the same war against clans half their size

  5. Eric says:

    I got 42 kills before i died in a game of ghosts. I got a further 6 kills and finished with 48 for 1.The 42 was posted as my total in my stats. Checked my stats today and the blimmen things showing 26 now. Makes a man wanna throw the blimmen game in the rubbish. Why bother when this happens. Unbelieveable.

  6. bryan murphy says:

    I have been playing fps since quake and have every version of call of duty, battlefield, medal of honour and other games but with activision I thought we were going to get dedicated servers with ghosts as it would allow server admins the ability to ban cheaters permantly as it sits now the game is becoming unplayable for most people and this is easy to see as the amount of online players [pc] has come down from 90k in the weeks from release to under 10k as of January 2014. is this the death of the call of duty franchise we may be seeing ….map packs aside unless the issue of hackers, cheaters, boosters and the like are addressed most people will go back to the old games like waw. bops2 so they can play without the constant presence of the ones ruining the game.

  7. sundance says:

    why the hell is there no dual play option for split screen? and why would you make the ghosts elite app not support 10 inch android tablets? have you ever tried to use it on a phone? its near impossible. i am a long time cod fan, ghosts has good potential, but you guys seriously dropped the ball here.

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