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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by dee


Infinity Ward’s Lackluster Attempt at Answering Questions for Call of Duty Ghosts

Last week, Infinity Ward decided to host a question and answer thread in the general discussion area of the forums. The OP, by the name of candyslexia (an employee of Infinity Ward) left the following post for forum users on December 10th:

candyslexia Dec 10, 2013 2:20 PM

Hey all –


We know you have questions about certain aspects of the game, and we understand some are recurring between players. That said, we’d like to start have a weekly/biweekly Q & A session where we gather your questions.


Whether you have questions about killstreaks, perks, create a class, squads, etc. please leave them in this post and we’ll gather them together to provide you answers.


Thanks everyone!



December 10th update:


Hey everyone – appreciate all the questions so far. We’ll be answering some of your questions in the Ghosts Training videos we’ve started doing on our YouTube /InfinityWard. We’re also working to find a second format, whatever it ends up being I’m sure you’ll see it posted from our social channels: FB /InfinityWardStudio or Twitter @InfinityWard =)


Thanks again!

After hundreds of replies full of unanswered questions about various problems with the game itself, they finally replied with the following video about customization tips for the create a soldier function of the game.

We’ll try our best to keep you updated as the important questions get answered, but at this rate you’re better off just holding your tongue and letting IW do their job with releasing patches and updates for your console.

What question would you most like to ask Infinity Ward about Call of Duty: Ghosts? Let us know in the comments below:

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10 Responses to Infinity Ward’s Lackluster Attempt at Answering Questions for Call of Duty Ghosts

  1. Not at all surprising.. I mean, they’ve been having issues with this game since day 1 on p.c. and they haven’t even attempted to fix them yet. The game was clearly made for consoles and was ported to p.c. and the optimization options (the lack thereof) are proof. Nobody that I personally know can run the game on “ultra” settings (even people with the newest cards) because of the frame-rate drops and various performance issues. To make matters worse, they still keep “talking” about including server browsers and ranked/dedicated servers, but I think we all know that’s just a load of crap to keep the pc community “sort of” interested. On top of the obvious problems with the game, the hackers are back once again. I find it interesting how only IW games have the extreme hacking issues. Treyarch games might have 1 or 2 here and there (I literally only remember seeing maybe 2 or 3 hackers EVER in Black ops 1 and 2), but CoD4, MW2, MW3, and now Ghosts… are jammed full of hackers… legitimate hackers… that go 80-1 bouncing from player to player through walls. It’s just sad to think that this game is so terrible that there are usually about 2 thousand people playing on pc… and they refuse to fix the issues. I don’t know… this game was just a complete wash it seems… none of the maps feel like “call of duty” maps… imo, the multiplayer simply feels like some sort of “free to play battlefield” ripoff. The maps are larger, you have very little health, and just as the BF games have the “spot an enemy” option, this game now utilizes “satcoms”… which only show enemies on radar once they have been “spotted” by a friendly player. It’s obvious where they got all of these gameplay ideas, but… this is a CoD game… well it’s supposed to be, and they just dropped the ball, trying to make the game something it’s not, while falling back into the same problems of the last titles. They have changed the gameplay for the worse and failed to fix the same crap that the old titles suffered from. Oh well, the sad part is that if they would just let players rent their own servers many of these problems would go away…

  2. Snarkfacekillah says:

    I have really enjoyed playing this title, and appreciate the changes that have forced me to change my approach, and thus make the experience more than just a $110 map pack. Are there issues? Yes. Just as there have been issues with every game that I have ever played, all the way back to Pong. Having seen the progression over my lifetime, I have a special place in my heart for those that dedicate their lives to providing us this incredible amount of entertainment.

    • If you don’t play these games on pc then your way of thinking isn’t really valid in this situation unfortunately, because the consoles are now the “go to” sytem for these companies, because they are money driven. I understand that they need to make a profit, but by alienating the pc community that gave them all of their success in the process is simply inexcusable. From what I understand most of the console versions of the game play pretty well, which is just confirmation that the pc version was simply a “console port” instead of the other way around. I’m most definitely appreciative of the hard work that “some” put into these games, but I’m sorry, I can’t be thankful for a company who not only refuses to listen to the fans who made them literally billionaires, but a company who also uses deceit to coax long time fans into buying their new games, i.e. mentioning that there will be rentable dedicated servers and mod tools… which HASN’T happened and probably won’t because there’s not enough interest in the pc community for Ghosts since it’s broken. Most nights you will find between 2 and 5 thousand people playing on pc… that’s just sad… the game plays that terribly. Besides that, I know for a fact that not a single one of the other CoD games has THIS many issues right off the bat and the games that did have issues at launch were pretty much fixed in a matter of a few weeks. Ghosts has been out for almost 2 months now and their excuse is “we don’t have the time to fix it”… why not? They’ve made billions off of these games but they can’t hire people to patch them? Or test the games before they come out so they don’t need to patch them? My favorite fps games are the ones that have had rentable dedicated servers because they put the power in your hands… you can ban hackers, keep pings at tolerable levels, choose only the best maps, and any other form of moderating… it just makes the games better… and they know this. Speaking of “companies who put their souls into their product”… I’ll be buying Titanfall on day 1 because THEY know what they are doing. The made sensible changes to their game’s formula, but kept the gameplay similar enough to their CoD roots that the game won’t feel foreign. The graphics looks great (unlike Ghosts odd grainy appearance), the gameplay looks great, and all of the reviews are top notch… not to mention that rentable servers are going to be ready at launch. I’m not hating on IW and Activision just to hate on them… and honestly the next Treyarch game that comes out I’ll probably buy (because they make better CoD games imo), I’m hating on them because they continually crap on their community and with 2 or 5 thousand playing their game on pc… I think they are finally getting the message.

      • ifyoudontlikeitquit says:

        What do you mean by saying there are 2000 pc users playing? I’m playing on a PS4 which was only released a few weeks ago and there are over 10000 players online at the moment. Thats why the console get the dev funding. I used to be a pc gamer and now I’m a console gamer so they are supporting the comunity that put them where they are, but some people in the pc comunity refuse to move with the times I guess

        • Just what I said, lol… there are only about 2000 people up to 5000 people usually playing Ghosts on pc right now because it performs so terribly even on beast computers. In contrast… I remember seeing easily 30000 people playing blops 2 at it’s peak…. so 2000 within the first month is a telling sign that the game has issues, and I’ve never seen any more than about 15,000 people playing since launch… which is an even more telling sign, that people just didn’t want the game. I never said anything negative about console users… I’m happy for them, I really am… that they get “playable” versions of this game, but to say that “pc users need to move on and buy a console” is a pretty shitty way to think about it. Why should we have to? Progress isn’t one sided, the best products always evolve to enhance a user’s experience, not to deter them into buying a different version. The whole “well I switched so they are supporting the pc community” is a stretch to say the least. Again, I’m glad you are enjoying the game, but I made it clear that pc is the issue with IW. BF4 on the other hand is great… not much different from bf3 to be honest, but I was never really a fan of the bf games until Ghosts turned out to be garbage, so I invested the time in learning BFs mechanics and now I’m almost as good at the games as I am at CoD titles (the ones that I liked). So yea… “ididn’tlikeitsoiquit” playing ghosts… the point I was making was that with the amount of money that they have made off of the series, there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t put out a quality pc release… I’m sure Treyarch is going to. Farcry 3, BF4, Crysis, Titanfall (coming soon)… all showcase what a good shooting game is all about… and IW specifically just seem to be losing out on the pc community while the other developers are scooping up their players and making millions off of us… which is a good thing because they are also delivering the best product. I used to like playing on consoles when I was a kid… and they are still good for some types of games, but I don’t like playing shooters with a controller, you don’t have the freedom that a mouse and keyboard allow and some console shooters don’t allow the keyboard mouse options, on top of the inability to have as good of graphics/performance that you get on a pc (with a good game). It’s also cheaper to build/upgrade a computer than it is to buy a new console every 3 or 4 years.

          • ifyoudontlikeitquit says:

            Wow, you sound very bitter. When you initially said about the number of pc users, you hadn’t said whether you thought that was a lot or a few, just that it was sad, so I wondered what you meant. Also, I was simply pointing out that the pc community who you say put them where they are, are not always the same people, so being loyal to a moving comunity is hard, being loyal to a platform in the current economy can be fatal. So yes they follow the money, like every other company. I’m not suggesting that all pc users must buy a console, just that things change and we all need to adapt. Whether thats to move to another fps game franchise on pc or to buy a console to plsay your favourate developers latest offering that depends on your own personal preferences and finances. And if you can build a pc that will be an effective game machine that will last for the next 5 years or more and cost £350, well good luck, you may find yourself playing tetris in 18 months as it will struggle to run much else. But if you think ps4 owners are getting the best game experience you’re wrong, the multiplayer is full of hacked cheats from day one, so no one wins if you ask me.

            Merry Christmas !

          • wow… I just posted a huge reply and there was an error and it vanished, lol… I’ll try to briefly say what I said. Merry Christmas to you as well. The hacks suck for all of us I suppose… been having the same issues on pc as well… but IW games always seem to be full of hackers… ever since MW1. Blops 1 and 2 weren’t as bad, but the server browser in blops 1 made it easy to deal with the hackers by allowing them to be kicked/banned instantly, ; ). Server browsers are the way to go with online gaming and it would save the companies money because the users who rent the servers and the hosts that provide them would be absorbing the costs instead of Activision, but it is what it is I suppose. As far as the pc build goes… I spend about a thousand bucks building my current system around tax time of 2012. i7 2600k @3.4ghz, 16gb ram, intel gaming series mobo, 120 gb ssd, 1 tb sata hd, and 2 550ti graphics cards (both are the 2gb models). My system rating is a 7.7 of 7.9, and that rating is based on my ssd’s subscore, so my pc is top notch at the moment, ; ). I’m sure I’ll have to upgrade my graphics cards within the next year or so to keep pace with the updated engines, but as of now all of the games can (or should *like ghosts, lol) run on the highest settings. Again though, I’ll shop around when the time comes to find the best cards for the best prices. My other hardware (as long as it doesn’t malfunction) should last me another 6-8 years I would assume… if not longer… so if it’s not cheaper to build your own systems, then it’s at least not more expensive than buying each successive console release. As long as you are good with shopping and hardware/software installation… then it really just boils down to preference and I just prefer the options that using a pc offers. Honestly, I can see it getting to the point where the line between pcs and consoles are drawn so thin that consoles fade all together and just become “gaming pcs” to an extent…. that are geared more towards controller use instead of “mice and keyboards”… time will tell.

          • ifyoudontlikeitquit says:

            Fair comment mate. I have an i7 pc but with 8gb mem and twin hdd’s that must run a bit slower than yours as I get closer to a 7 on the system rating but I use it for photograpy and digital art for which it’s great. I think the server browsers would make a huge improvement to any multiplayer games. I don’t know why they aren’t standard. For me the power of the system is getting to the point where it doesnt matter anymore, as developpers can create any world they can imagine. The improvements need to come from storylines and multiplayer balancing and speed improvements in syncing response times to even out gameplay, along with hacking protection these are the big first world gaming issues for the new generation I guess.

            Have a great christmas, I’m off to battle with the hackers in ps4 ghosts!

          • Haha, agreed, : )… take care.

  3. wolf says:

    hey guys can’t you do like mw2 or 3 when your offline & can still rank up local play.

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