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Is Gaming with a Controller better than Mouse and Keyboard?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of gaming on both consoles and a PC computer. Obvious advantages of PC gaming is that you have an upgradable and highly customizable system that allows you to adapt it to any specific game. The disadvantage of course is that you need to spend a lot more money to have a high-end gaming machine. Consoles are already tailored to each game that’s released for them and therefore you shouldn’t have to worry about things like lag and errors, unless the game itself is buggy or your internet connection. But what about the classic keyboard and mouse setup; how does it hold up against the modern controllers of the Xbox and PlayStation consoles?

Performance Comparison

The first and foremost comparison that should be made for professional / intermediate gamers is performance. One of the most played style of games for both PCs and consoles are first-person shooters such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts. This is fairly obvious because Ghosts was in the top selling position for next-gen consoles for nearly 2-3 months following their release, with games like GTA 5 and BF4 close behind. For fast access to your controls, obviously a customized controller is best. You have your zoom button up top, your trigger button on your thumb, your other thumb controls your sights and you sort-of get what I’m saying, everything is right there where you need it to be. A PC mouse and keyboard however wasn’t built specifically for gaming, so you have a ton of extra buttons that don’t really have much use during a game. The difference is however, that once you get used to gaming with a keyboard and mouse and have all of the hotkeys / controls down pat, you begin to notice how much more accurate a keyboard and mouse setup is. You can gently glide the player you’re controlling into specific tight positions, and accurately position your crosshairs directly onto any body-part that you’re aiming at. With a controller, you have a much higher learning curve, and even once you have everything down you still can’t aim with the same amount of precision that a high DPI mouse can.

Customization Comparison

The level of possible options for customizing your mouse and keyboard goes way behind what a controller for he Xbox or PlayStation has to offer. You can adjust your DPI (dots per inch), your mouse speed in your control panel, and often times your specific gaming mouse comes with drivers and software that will allow you to further customize the way it functions. A controller on the other hand is more general. You can calibrate it to fit your gaming style, but that’s pretty much where it ends and you just kind-of have to get used to the way it works and the layout of the controls.

Who Wins?

So who takes the prize? It’s really up to you! Whatever you feel more comfortable and can play better with is the better choice for you. Most professional level PC gamers will laugh at the idea that a pro-level console gamer could defeat them at the same game. But I’m sure there are those gamers who have mastered the controller and are able to shoot with great accuracy.

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  2. Don says:

    Why do you ask who wins? You don’t even have your own opinion on the matter. And matter of factly there WAS a cross-console multiplayer fps at one time(shadowrun), and the console gamers got their asses handed to them, that’s why you haven’t seen it again.

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