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Published on August 14th, 2013 | by Ghost


New Call of Duty Ghosts Game Modes for Online

Well, the Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal has just finished, we’ll have a video uploaded here soon if you missed it so don’t worry.

A hell of a lot of new features have been announced, far too much for us to cover in one post, so we’re going to go through bits at a time to show you as much as we can.

First of all, we’ve got the announcement of brand new game modes that we’ve never seen in Call of Duty before. There’s quite a few but only two have been explained:


Cranked is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It is going to be hectic!

The idea is simple. Get as many kills as possible.

One small thing though..

When you get a kill you set off a timer. Once that timer runs down to 0.. you blow up. Only way to survive is to keep killing. Each time you get a kill the timer will get extended (think checkpoints in arcade racers).

Also, as your kill streak goes up, your movement, reload and ADS will all get faster.

Tick.. Tick..

Search and Rescue

This is similar to Search and Destroy but with a key difference. You can respawn.

The way this works is, each player has a token. When they die this is dropped (similar to Kill Confirmed). Now, if a teammate then collects that token the player respawns and can carry on. If an enemy picks it up then the player is out until the next round.

So, if you like playing as a team and using a bit of tactics – Search and Rescue will be perfect for you. Just don’t go thinking your Rambo here..

search and rescue


New Blitz Mode Confirmed

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