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Published on August 21st, 2013 | by Ghost


New Ghosts Blitz Mode Revealed

One of the many new Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer game modes is the ‘Blitz’ mode. Sounds frantic? It is.

How it works?

In Blitz mode each team has a defend zone at their side of their map (similar to how flags work in Capture the Flag). The objective is to reach the enemy’s defend zone, at which point you will and one to your team’s score and then teleported back to your own spawn. Whichever team gets the most points.. wins.

Expect to see half the team defending which LMGs and Sniper Rifles, while the other half use marathon, lightweight and a shotgun or SMG to quickly get into the enemy territory.

The great thing is, unlike Capture the Flag in previous Call of Duty games, it will be much harder to defend. Because the attacker simply has to get into the zone to score the point, instead of then having to get all the way back as well.

Your verdict on Blitz? Lets us know!

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