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Nuketown Call of Duty BO Map Comes to GTA: Online

You read that right, the map Nuketown from Call of Duty Black Ops gets superbly recreated and shipped into the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) online world.

Yesterday, a Redditor by the name of LiarInGlass shared with us an interesting piece of news about his latest creation for both GTA and COD fans. Whenever the Content Creator for GTA was released, his first choice for map creation was Nuketown, one of the smallest maps from the Call of Duty series, but a very popular one that grabbed the attention of gamers for many countless hours and long weekends. This game is available, unfortunately, for Xbox 360 players only, but has been meticulously adapted to the GTA Online with a great attention to ironing out any bugs and scaling discrepancies.

Without further ado, here are the photos from the gameplay:

Nuketown Call of Duty BO Map GTA: Online
Nuketown Call of Duty BO Map Nuketown CALL of duty ghosts

One of the things we noticed however is that you can’t enter the houses for cover or battle like in the previous Call of Duty titles. Other than that it’s got great gameplay that is a ton of fun.

Details of the Map

  • Assault rifles as the starting weapons
  • SMG’s, Pump Shotguns, Grenades and Sticky Bombs are used as additional weapon pickups
  • Health and Armor may also be found throughout the map
  • The time limit is set to 10 minute rounds
  • Maximum amount of players in the map is set to 12, giving us a 6 vs 6 battle

How to Play Nuketown for GTA: Online

Rockstar Link: – To play, click “Add to Game”, load GTA:O, and find LiarInGlass Team Deathmatch on your map near the right side of San Andreas above the highway.

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