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Overlord Map on Call of Duty Ghosts

Brief Overview of Overlord

Overlord is a multiplayer map for Call of Duty Ghosts. Its main setting is in a satellite military outpost. It’s location is the Atacama Desert in Chile and it’s playable under the Severed Ties campaign.

If you navigate the map you will realize that the main focus of the combat will be centered in the big 2 story building that is located in the center of the map.

However, the rest of the map is fairly large, so there is plenty of diversity in areas where you may find enemies.

ghosts overlord map

Gameplay Tips

When approaching the 2 story building in the center of the map, you will need to keep a slow-pace to clear out various rooms where campers will be lurking in the corners.

Watch out for snipers on the building with the solar panels and they will also be found on the various elevations. It’s important to keep an eye on the upper levels of the map, always keep cover in mind.

Dynamics and Features in Overlord

There are doors that provide players entrance into the central building that faces both spawns. They can be closed and opened from the inside of the building that will either prevent or allow other players access.

Recommended Weapons

This is a great map for long range assault rifles and snipers under certain conditions.

If you’d like to use a sniper due to the large openness of the map, make sure you are a good sniper! A poor sniper versus a decent player with an assault rifle will cause you to lose nearly every time.

Also it’s important to have cover from your teammates. Sniping from any building will leave you vulnerable to enemies running up behind you for easy kills.

Overlord Minimap

overlord minimap for ghosts

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