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PlayStation 3 and PS4 Get Their Call of Duty Ghosts Updates

It took a day longer than the other consoles, but the PlayStation 3 and PS4 have each received their nearly identical updates and hot fixes as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One did earlier.

These updates for Ghosts came on December 13 and 14th and included a list of interesting fixes that you may be interested in reading more about. The ones that stuck out the most were the December 14th updates that came a day after the large 13th title update. The 14th included a fix for gamers that were actually hacking the wolf skin without actually paying for it. I wonder if this will just block future occurrences from happening or if actions from the “Code of Conduct” posted earlier may be taken on those individuals. The other hot fixes for this day were also interesting because they included a fix for “Invisible exploit“, a sniper reload interruption exploit fix and also a fix for having more perks than allowed. Not sure how Infinity Ward missed those in the past, but hopefully they won’t be a problem any longer.

December 13th updates featured the typical Stability and Miscellaneous fixes that one would expect a month following a game launch. The PS3 and PlayStation 4 both got this update at the same time, here are a few of the highlights.

Stability included fixing issues like black screens and bot crashes. Additional fixes brought updates like menu optimization in the Clan Wars, create a solider store fixes, timer bug fixes, sound problems and all of the other small issues a few of you have been facing. One of the more interesting changes that occurred was a balancing of the MSBS assault rifle. The range was reduced, the fire rate was reduced and even the Burt Fire Attachment was reduced some to balance it out more with the other assault rifles. Along with the reduction, the 2 shot kill was removed for the arms and lower legs. The Xbox and PC also received the same updates.

Full Patch Notes

Dec. 13, 2013

Title Update: PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3 Update

In addition to the notes below..


  • Fixed a rare crash when attempting to launch a Hunted FFA match.

PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 Update


  • Fixed an issue where the Squad Reports Screen would occasionally hang on a black screen.
  • Fixed black screen issue that would occasionally occur in clan wars bonus playlist.
  • Fix for a rare bots crash.
  • Improved operations functionality.

Weapon Balancing

  • MSBS Range reduced.
  • MSBS no longer 2 shot kill to arms and lower legs (rewards accuracy).
  • Fire rate on MSBS and Burst Fire Attachment reduced.

Additional Fixes

  • Fix for past title entitlements not appearing properly.
  • Fixed issue that would occur when having hardline as last perk with specialist.
  • Fixed inconsistencies between SP and MP for a few patches and backgrounds.
  • Fixed rare issue with blinking objects (IED, SAT COM) if player left shortly after using.
  • Added no enemy callouts to incog perk description.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting to a Squads game could potentially see the buttons/title for an incorrect Squad mode.
  • Menu optimization for clan wars.
  • Fix for going to the store from the create-a-soldier menu.
  • Fixed incorrect indexing of perks with squads that had defined loadouts.
  • Fixed bots so they can open doors (Warhawk/Freight).
  • Fix for splitscreen issue when going to the store.
  • Blitz bug fixes.
  • Host migration timer bug fixes.
  • Fix for potentially not showing the in game “controller removed” popup.
  • Fixed splitscreen UI bug where the dom capture bar would be in the way of the reticle.
  • Fixed a couple bugs with the new icon.
  • Fix to clear unlock data when leaving post game lobbies to prevent seeing online unlock in offline modes and vice versa.
  • Added scrolling animation to social feed ticker.
  • Fix to validate reticle type even when switching sights.
  • Fixed long pause when enabling eSports mode after returning from non-eSports game mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the bomb planting bar would flash when spectating someone who planted the bomb earlier in the match.
  • Added icon to indicate bomb carrier on scoreboard in eSports mode.
  • Fix for sound issue when seeker explodes.
  • Fix for final escape being broken by player jumping off cliff after nuke activation.
  • Fix for drill disappearing when grabbing the drill after using SOFLAM.
  • Fixed unlimited weapon glitch in first contact.
  • Fixed animation issue when pressing RT before riotshield was out.

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