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Prison Break Map on Call of Duty Ghosts

Overview of Prison Break

The map Prison Break on Call of Duty Ghosts is exactly what it sounds like. It’s located directly outside the walls of a prison in a jungle setting.

This is one of the smaller maps in Ghosts and despite it’s size, it still gives people plenty of opportunities to remain hidden in the forested area. There is also a small creek that runs through the center of the map.

Dynamic Map Features

  • One of the cool features of this map that makes it unique, is that players are able to shoot at specific trees and knock them over. Anyone found in the path of the fall tree will be crushed and the players who notice the fallen tree will be able to use it as a bridge to quickly gain access to the upper hill across from it.
  • There is also a pile of logs located by the vehicles with cut trees on them. Using an explosive on the pile of logs will create a reaction causing the logs to roll down into the river, as with the fallen trees, anyone in the path of the logs will be crushed.

prison break ghosts logs

Quick Tips

The hilltop in the center of the map is where most of the action will go down in Prison Break. Unfortunately for the majority of the players, and the cleverness of the map, there is little to no cover on the hilltop. Players foolish enough to try to sprint over and through the hilltop will most likely die without getting any kills.

Holding hilltop though can be a huge advantage for your team, and the evidence of that is shown with the constant battle over control for the hill.

Hilltop gives you an elevated position, which we know is already an advantage for better sight during combat. It also gives the team with control a clear view of both the construction sight and the logging area.

hilltop prison break

There are pathways that allow you to move around the map. Like the hilltop we spoke about above, these also provide very little cover for getting around. If you do decide to travel these paths, keep a close eye on campers using the corners of the forest.

Domination Objective Locations

  • The domination flag for A is in the construction area.
  • The B flag is on the stone path of the road.
  • The C flag is in the logging area.

There isn’t much cover for the A and B flags, they are both located in wide-open areas where you will need to get cover from your teammates. The C flag has the stump of a tree that you can cleverly hide behind to capture the flag.

Prison Break Minimap

Prison Break Minimap

Prison Break Multiplayer Gameplay

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