Call of Duty Ghosts reddit black clan reaches 1000cp

Published on January 21st, 2014 | by dee


Reddit Black rBLK Hits 1000CP in Clan Wars in Platinum Division

[rBLK] Reddit Black, a Call of Duty Ghosts Clan consisting of members of the Reddit community, has reached 1000CP in the Clan Wars Platinum Division of Rio de Janeiro (see image below).

Click the Clan name above to go to the Reddit post and read some entertaining conversation in the comments section starting with the comment below by Action-ManNZ:

I don’t mean this in an offensive way, but what’s the average age in your clan and do you guys have jobs/go to school? From my limited knowledge of clan wars that must have taken a fuckload of time. Sorry if this sounds rude.

reddit black clan reaches 1000cp

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2 Responses to Reddit Black rBLK Hits 1000CP in Clan Wars in Platinum Division

  1. RicharsNixon-37 says:

    Aces after death. AAD almost scored the same with only 12 players. Not too big a feat.

    • THK says:

      rBLK member here.

      It’s actually much harder to reach higher CP’s when you’re playing against smaller and/or more inactive clans.

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