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Siege Map on Call of Duty Ghosts

What is Siege: A Brief Overview

Siege brings an interesting style of warfare to Call of Duty, which is what makes it one of our favorite maps at Ghosts Elite. A quick peek into the overall look of Siege will reveal that it is an oil complex that’s located near the sea which has been long abandoned and overrun with trees, shrubs and damaged buildings.

The buildings that you will find in Siege are spread out across the entire map, even along the very edges. Most of these buildings are 1 to 2 stories tall, however others have multiple stories and allow campers to really settle in before sniping at you. These buildings typically have multiple entrances, allowing players from your team and enemy teams to enter and exit from nearly any floor.

Quick Tips for Successful Gameplay

While you navigate Siege, you will need to keep a close eye on your entire surroundings, with a great care for the buildings located on the enemy’s area of the map. There can and will be soldiers lurking in many of the buildings, quietly luring you into their trap or waiting for you to nosily pass by, so stay as quiet as possible and don’t walk down the center of the pathways.

Using SATCOMs will give you a decent amount of coverage, but don’t expect that to save you, because enemies that are off-the-grid are just as much of a threat as those in closer proximity to your team.

Recommended Weapons Class

This is obviously a long-range map that will include a lot of snipers due to the many hiding spots available in higher-level floors. However, this isn’t entirely an advantage for the snipers, because the buildings work to effectively break up the line-of-sight, allowing you to pass by various streets giving the enemy snipers only a few seconds to make a clean shot.

If you find yourself in many close-range encounters, we would strongly recommend that you stick to sub-machine guns or closer-range assault rifles. Our personal favorite for this map would have to be some of the longer range assault rifles, because they seem to bring a perfect balance to this long-range map that occasionally will bring you into close encounters with enemies.

Stay Quiet and Remain Hidden

In our opinion, this is a great map for those who enjoy a nice stealth setup. Silencers definitely work to your advantage and any other perks that allow you to remain as quiet as possible when trekking through enemy grounds. You will need to get good at sneaking up on enemy snipers who are hiding in buildings, just make sure to clear out all the corners before prancing right in expecting the rest of the building to be empty. Also, don’t forget to stay alert for other enemies that are trying to sneak up on you from behind as well.

Siege Minimap

cod ghosts siege minimap

Siege Domination Gameplay on PS4

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