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Sovereign Map on Call of Duty Ghosts

What is Sovereign: A Brief Overview

Sovereign is one of the bigger maps in COD Ghosts allowing you to have combat in a tank assembly complex. Many of the rooms are very high-tech and have a never-ending complexity to them. Think of sovereign as a very long and wide battleground located inside of a factory. The entire map is broken up into three separate levels by a giant tank assembly line, which runs straight through the center of sovereign.

Weapon Tips for Successful Gameplay

While sovereign is a large map, most of the engagement with enemies will be at a mid-range distance. With that said however, there are many opportunities for long and straight shots which could be taken advantage of by snipers and long-range assault rifles. We personally recommend mid to short range assault rifles and sub-machine guns to take full advantage of the majority of the close combat.

If you choose to go with shorter to mid range weapons, take great care when you’re crossing the factory floor for campers and others lurking around in the corners and edges of the map.

Advice for Moving Around the Map

The upper level of sovereign will also give you access to the edges of the map giving you a shot on anyone who is lurking on the factory floor. This little fact should give you both an offensive and defensive advantage, depending on which side of the scope you’re looking at. Lower levels however, give you access to the entire factory floor where you can quickly make your way from one side of the map to the other.

While you’re on the factory floor, you will want to keep a lookout for enemies with short-range weaponry such as shotguns and sub-machine guns, there will be plenty.

Field Orders Reward on Sovereign

There is a field order reward that gives the holder the ability to detonate charges along the entire tank assembly line. Setting these off will kill anyone within range of the line on the lower level floors.

Sovereign Minimap

sovereign minimap on ghosts

Sovereign Multiplayer Gameplay (Double KEM Strike)

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