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Stonehaven Map on Call of Duty Ghosts

What is Stonehaven: A Brief Overview

Stonehaven is really one of the maps we find frustrating at Ghosts Elite because of how massive it is. It gives many opportunities for almost any type of gamer to advance with many different classes. What you will find as soon as you enter this map for the first time is a huge open field that’s located near the broken ruins of a large castle and a village. Then as you make your way towards the edge of the map on the field, there is a really big satellite that has crashed from space.

Weaponry Class Tips and General Advice to Excel

If you want to be successful on Stonehaven you need to keep a few basic principles in mind when choosing which weapons to bring inside. This map can seem like it would be overrun with snipers due to its large openness and overall size, but that’s not completely the case. Though you will run into a lot of snipers on Stonehaven, don’t get us wrong, but it’s just not that big of an advantage for them. The reason being, that the terrain on which you find yourself on most of the time is uneven and covered in hills that block a lot of the long distance vision that would give snipers a huge advantage.

Although we just “shot down” the previously thought to be huge advantage for snipers on Stonehaven, that doesn’t mean that there still won’t be an abundance of snipers on this map, because there certainly will be. If you decide to use short to mid-range weapons, then you will still need to remain aware and careful about the routes you choose to make your way around the map. Keep in mind that even if you do stay close to the edges of the map, there can still be a clear line of sight into your position. You can also get caught by snipers around the ruins of the castle and the center of the map.

Stonehaven Minimap

Stonehaven minimap ghosts

Stonehaven Domination Multiplayer Gameplay

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