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Published on January 9th, 2014 | by dee


The Future of Gaming: How Gaikai will Revolutionize the PS4

Gaikai was originally founded in 2008 and quickly became a global leader in the revolution of cloud gaming. They pride themselves in delivering on-the-spot access to users that will be able to stream games on various platforms, including PlayStation, PC computers, laptops, Smart TV’s and many more.

What once started as an online video game advertising platform, quickly developed into much more, which would inevitably set Gaikai apart from hundreds of other “related” competitors. So what sets Gaikai apart from these competitors? Well for one, they are quickly becoming known as the fastest operating open cloud platform for gaming for both TVs connected to the internet and even mobile devices. In-fact, they stood out so much, that the entertainment giant Sony decided to pick them up towards the end of 2012 and take advantage of their capabilities for large-scale gaming. You can now find Gaikai technology being used to power the PlayStation Now networks and it even functions as the new Remote Play between the PlayStation 4 and Vita consoles.

gaikai ps4 streaming games

Release and Launch Dates

We’ve also caught wind that dates are being set on releasing the Gaikai streaming service for PlayStation 4 and number are somewhat disappointing. Since Gaikai has been in the possession of Sony for nearly 2 years now, we would expect to see better dates than 2015 and/or late 2014, but that’s exactly what we’re hearing as of now.

There are betas being scheduled for developers to take part in for early 2014, which would set us back to the 4th quarter of the year for a United States release, and likely an early 2015 release for Europe. This does however still have the chance to be a revolutionary aspect of gaming that could change the way you play games in the future on not only the PlayStation, but also for whatever Microsoft comes up with as an equal.

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