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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by dee


Titanfall Lithographs Included with Limited Edition: Prima Official Game Guide

Titanfall is set to be released soon and we’re now learning about the various limited edition package and guides that are going to available for pre-order soon.

The first one here is the Limited Edition Guide which includes a hardcover edition with various bonuses. There will be a premium metallic hardcover with upgraded high-quality paper, custom lithographs and an exclusive Q&A with the creators of the game, Respawn Entertainment. Along with that you will also receive a custom Hammond Robotics insert, which is a 7″ x 10″ custom envelope that will be marked with a Hammond Robotics logo. With this package you will also get everything that’s included in the standard edition guide below.

So the Standard Edition Guide gets you a free mobile friendly eGuide which is a print guide that gives you access to the enhanced eGuide including tutorials, videos from the experts, various updates and many more. The next part of the standard edition guide is a breakdown of all the maps and game modes providing you with tips from the developers and professionals who have been working on the game including StrongSide, Walshy, Mabooza and Flamesword.

That’s not all that you’ll get. There will also be an Elite Titan Tactics guide that helps you learn how to control the Atlas, Ogre and Stryder Titans and will give you a significant advantage to becoming one of the top players in the game. There’s much more included in this guide that we can’t even list here, but the only way you’ll find out is by ordering the guide below.

Titanfall Limited Edition: Prima Official Game Guide

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