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Published on July 1st, 2013 | by Ghost


CoD Ghost – Wait for Next-Gen or Not?

At the time of writing, CoD Ghost is confirmed to be coming to current and next gen iterations of both the Playstation and the Xbox and will, of course, be accompanied by a PC release. At this moment in time there is NO confirmation of a Wii U release but the expectation is for this to be announced at some stage in the near future.

Previous CoD games have had watered down versions or in some cases, completely different games under the same name for different consoles, but it’s always especially interesting to see the same game span two generations of a console’s family. The last CoD game to span two generations of TWO different consoles was Call of Duty 3, and the comparisons made back then were mostly based on pure graphical achievement, mirroring the entertainment industry as a whole migrating to HD visuals.

But without such a landmark leap to take in this generation, the question we’re asking ourselves is what is going to be different from the current generation to make the next generation give us that sense of awe?

Next-Gen Call of Duty

The answer in my mind is simple. Power.

Both next gen consoles contain ten times the processing power of their predecessor. And with some of the changes to the setup of hardware, graphical computation will be almost entirely separated from the main number crunching core. And more available number crunching means more possible things like:

  • Fully interactive environments

    Where the landscape is altered by the game and how you interact with it. I don’t mean triggering events when you reach certain points in the map, we’re talking about how hiding behind a tree from a tank is no longer an option!

    Just like in real life, wood is not invulnerable to bullets. Enough mines on a map will create a significant crater.

    Enemies are in a bunker? Hit it with an RPG!

  • Advanced AI

    Where we can see enemies actively trying to outsmart us.

    The extra processing power can be used to give enemy bots more options, the ability to make decisions based on a multitude of factors and maybe even get them to the stage where they learn the player’s combat style and tactics and derive counter-strategies to foil them!

  • Social integration

    Ok I know this doesn’t appeal to everyone, in fact, most hardcore gamers are pretty unimpressed by the push towards social media incorporated by Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles but we’ve all been in the position where we pull off an incredible kill, maybe take out a full team in less than 10 or maybe just find a glitch that looks hilarious.

    Now you’ll be able to share it with ease. And with the amount of dedicated hardware in these machines, it should have little to no impact on the game experience!

  • Servers

    We know that, at least, Microsoft with the Xbox One are pushing dedicated servers. They will be available for all game developers if they want to use them. This should mean a lot less lag and ofcourse none of that game-killing host advantage.

    On top of this, if we’re going to compare CoD Ghosts to other games (such as Battlefield 4) we have a good chance of the next-gen consoles being capable of much larger servers with more players. In the case of Battlefield 4, current gen consoles can handle 24 players whereas next-gen will be able to handle 64 players.. that is a HUGE difference!

Ghosts may be released slightly before the next gen consoles themselves meaning that if you want a day one purchase, you may have to settle for a current gen version of the game, but on the bright side, if you’re waiting for the next playstation or xbox, chances are ghosts will be there at launch.

And a multiplayer giant like CoD at launch is guaranteed to have some incredible matches from the start!

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