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Published on December 21st, 2013 | by dee


Weapon Balancing and Sniper Rifle Changes Coming to Ghosts

Infinity Ward’s developer “teanah” has announced some of the changes, updates and improvements they have planned for the sniper rifle and weapons in general. He let us know that the crew at IW have been working diligently to evaluate and re-evaluate the balance of weapons in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The reason that we see very few changes to the weapons is because they don’t want to release faulty updates that they would need to retract before it has a “ripple effect” on all of the consoles.

On the 12th and 13th of this month we saw significant changes made to the MSBS assault rifle that arguable weaken the weapon to the point of uselessness. But hopefully that will be straitened out and the developers will listen to the voice of the gamers before they make any serious changes to the main guns.

Sniper rifle changes

  • The sniper rifles were changed from the past Call of Duty MW3 to this series of Ghosts. Some of the most evident changes that can be seen are that there is no aim assist from the hip. Aim assist from the hip is the main idea behind how quickscoping worked before. In Ghosts however, players are required to aim unassisted until after they scope in.
  • The hip fire reticles were also removed from sniper rifles and the hip spread was significantly increased, which reduces the overall effectiveness of hip firing.
  • The Quickdraw perk’s ADS (aim down sight) speed scale was also reduced for the sniper rifles.

What to look forward to with sniper balancing changes

Some of the main tests being performed by Infinity Ward developers are the Time to Kill details for the snipers in comparison to other assault rifles and weapons in general. They also hope to introduce some additional changes such as an increase in the ADS time as well as a reduction in the flinch benefit of the Focus perk. Sniper rifles that use silencers are going to be flipped from the current waist up kills to chest up kills only to reduce the major effectiveness of silenced sniper rifles.

Let us know how you feel about these changes and upcoming releases for weapon balancing and sniper rifles in the comments below. Do you agree with most of the changes that they hope to make?

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9 Responses to Weapon Balancing and Sniper Rifle Changes Coming to Ghosts

  1. Joe marchesi says:

    As a retired sniper I am glad to see these changes. Quick scope and hip shooting make no sense, you must earn you’re kill

  2. killingfetish says:

    Welcome changes. Quick scoping has no place in a game that’s supposed to be a realistic shooter. Even the best marksman can’t be sprinting pull up their weapon and obtain a clear sight picture and pull off an accurate shot. If your going to snipe u should be required to post up some where stationary and pick of ppl from a DISTANCE.

  3. Kenneth W. Reed says:

    I want all hackers banned. Not just their accounts but their whole system they play on. (LQC1) and (OfB) and (187) are clans that were hacking just today. Another issue is when all six players on my team in a game of hardcore domination just as we were about to win a match against a lagging team who seemed like they had wall hacks and aim bots, had our games freeze and we all had to shut off our ps3’s and turn them back on. Also please bring back a theater mode so we can record the B.S. that occurs daily. Thank you. Btw I’m HIT3LAG4 from Sadistic Killerz (sKLz)

    • HIT3LAG4 says:

      Pistols shouldn’t be able to shoot through concrete barriers or walls from a long distance either. Pistols are way over powered. Another change should be separating extended mags and rapid fire so you can use both on the same weapon on a run-and-gun loadout

  4. dr. d says:

    they should bring back machine pistols, the g18 was that gun, bring back machie piston, use wth the snipers and marksman rifles as a better secondary

  5. Joe says:

    This entire game is long range. It can be pretty frustrating when you get 3 maps in a row where everyone on the opposite team chooses sniper rifles and you can’t do any run and gunning. We need short range maps like black ops or at least like blackops2 where you can enjoy sniping OR run and gunning. These maps heavily favor snipers.

  6. matt says:

    Thanks for ruining sniper rifles, im really glad someone can survive a “silenced” 50 cal shot Because they were hit in the stomach. Horrible update. Ruined ghosts for me

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