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Published on July 2nd, 2013 | by Ghost


What Has E3 Actually Told Us About CoD Ghosts?

So, its already been nearly a month since E3 has came and went, the king of gaming events, and where the biggest names in the industry, including of course CoD Ghosts, come to pimp their wares.

The next conference even close to its calibre will be Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, a conference well known for focusing purely on games and getting the most from upcoming titles.

But E3 did not leave us without a few new morsels of information and over the course of the event, and also within the post conference interviews, we did get some more insight into how CoD Ghosts is coming along, with new levels being displayed and new game mechanics being demonstrated.


Controlling Riley

The biggest draw no doubt was that of Riley, the first real time gameplay of the newest feature.

We were treated to scenes where the player could control Riley himself as he stealthily navigated through the overgrown jungle terrain of former San Diego, took down enemy soldiers and proved himself useful in various tactical situations, from flanking procedures to simple decoy operations.

Underwater Missions

We also got an in-depth look at an underwater stealth level, demonstrating how a fire fight might play out in these unusual conditions and a highflying look at an espionage assault on a skyscraper, demonstrating some of the signature CoD theatrics as it collapses towards the end of the demo.

Another great addition, an example of a small touch but one that further displays the graphical grunt of these newer consoles is realistic lighting effect on the player. Now, when your character leaves an area of low lighting and goes to one of excessive lighting i.e. from inside a tunnel to the outside, the camera will flare up as your “eye” adjusts to reduce the amount light getting in.

It’s a small touch but once aware of it, it’s easy to wonder how we lived without it before.

Hopefully we’ll see more of these small yet delightful tweaks to the game as it gets developed.

Sorry.. No Multiplayer News

We also noted a distinct lack of news regarding a Wii U release with Mark Rubin himself declaring ignorance of the subject in separate interviews and another thing that was noticeably omitted was any news on multiplayer and how it would pan on, in particular on next gen systems which have a massive focus on social interaction.

We are still unaware how (or if) dogs will feature in multiplayer or even if there will be any major changes to the core gameplay.

ghosts freefall

Free Fall

One of the few things that was revealed to us by Tina Palacios, the senior community manager at Infinity Ward was the concept of dynamic maps, where elements of the maps can change during the game.

This could be environmental, where parts of the level flood forcing players to seek higher ground while trying to stay alive or the map could be potentially altered by player interaction, possibly unlocking areas or causing some places to become inaccessible.

E3 definitely became overshadowed by the “console war” between the Xbox One and the PS4 and perhaps Infinity Ward didn’t want to risk any information getting lost among all the coverage of the new consoles coming to market, or maybe they simply haven’t finished enough development to announce certain features in case they don’t make the final cut of the game.

Regardless, E3 seemed to barely whet the appetite for the CoD fans around the world, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the upcoming gaming events around the world to see what else we can learn before the launch on November 5th.

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